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  1. SEAS '09  

    Ah, the "should you go to grad school?" article. I always read these and suck in deep its gloomy message. It's especially gloomy given that I'm headed into a PhD program this fall. Then I get to the usual last-line caveat of "Of course, the above is all moot if you're in the sciences, since you're super employable and not merely being trained to replace your advisor in an academic setting".

    That caveat doesn't stop me from wondering if I should doubt what I'm getting myself into. Reading PhD Comics does not help much either.

  2. Sadly

    That should read: "You and 50 other people are competing for the job of your academic advisor."

    • SEAS '09  

      Ain't that the truth. Poor humanities grad students. Is there even a solution beyond actively discouraging graduate applicants, or turning all adjunct positions into visiting or assistant professorships?

  3. ...  

    Why are these articles riddled with typos? ugh...

  4. has

    anyone come across any page errors on columbia's website?

    doesn't work

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