Student Groups Can Light Things on Fire Again

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Editor’s Note: Hello again! Nice to finally be back up. Unfortunately, our events system might have taken the entire site down with it for the past few days, but our crack team of computer whiz kids finally were able to go in and revive the blog. That, or the blog achieved sentience and decided to watch the first round of March Madness. We’re not sure yet. Anyways, we now return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

At a diverse school like Columbia, people have many different ways of celebrating the arrival of spring. Some play on the uncovered fields, some partake in a fine outdoor smoke, and some decide to sunbathe on Low Steps (scaring tour groups and small children).Other, more culinary-minded members of the community would prefer to celebrate with a nice outdoor grill, but the university’s ban on barbecues looked to kill that impulse for another spring. Now, though, prospective grillmasters will be able to practice their trade again, as the university has decided to reverse the ban.

But don’t pull out your finest dry rub recipes just yet. This is Columbia; there are rules and procedures to follow. In this case, only student groups can put on BBQs (after having taken a fire safety course), and they can only do so in approved areas like Low Plaza and Van Am Courtyard. Sadly, according to the new policy, “grills cannot be used indoors, on lawns, on building roofs or at any other campus location,” which totally kills our idea of roasting a whole pig on the roof of Mudd.

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  1. fine outdoor smoke?  

    what's fine about destroying your body?

  2. hmm

    Obama's speaking at 3 commencements, none of which is ours.

  3. AHH

    JUST WHY?!

  4. Because

    only Bollinger speaks at our commencement which is a damn shame.

    Obama would only be able to speak at the class day events.

    • Who

      needs to hear Bollinger speak so often anyway? It's not as if his speeches are so terrific, or as if he necessarily even wants to give so many. Sure, you could say the same about Obama at certain times, but... Anyway, it is a sad reflection on Columbia that it is graced by the Eric Holder's of the world and not by the Barack Obama's.

  5. bwahhahah  

    "routine maintenance on our events system" - ha! you mean the mysql database where the events were stored crashed for some reason, and you're busy fixing it!

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