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White smoke has risen from Satow tonight, as Whitney Green has been elected the new ESC President. Green, who succeeds Peter Valeiras, is the current secretary, and has also been GSSC liaison and a class council member. In her speech, Green spoke about she had worked with student groups to get their ideas implemented. Concerned with disconnect with students and alumni, said students want alumni advice, and alumni are more than willing to advise, but need better framework to contact and help each other, adding that ESC “is [her] heart.” More ESC election results as they come in.

UPDATE (11:29 PM): The new VP Intergroup will be Gunnar Aasen, who dropped into the VP Intergroup race after losing to Whitney for president.

UPDATE (12:28 AM): Kelly Chen will be the new VP for Policy.

UPDATE (1:23 AM): Chris Elizondo will be the new VP for Student Life.

UPDATE (2:12 AM): Heidi Ahmed will be the new secretary.


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  1. congratulations  

    to Whitney! she is awesome!

  2. You forgot to mention  

    Whitney's ridiculous beatboxing skills!!

  3. whitney  

    she is the fucking man.

    and non-seq rocks

  4. ohhhh snapppppp

    I was one of her TA's when she was just a freshie.

  5. Nobler  

    Whitney, Whitney, Whitney!

  6. YESSS!!  

    OMG WHITNEY GREEN IS THE BEST!!! I AM SOO HAPPY!! Gunnar is awesome, but Whitney is so involved and amazingly talented!!!!!


  7. Woot!  

    Whitney rocks my world!!

  8. [Insert  

    obligatory bashing of student politician here. Include allusions to being overly ambitious backstabbers who do not have the school's best interests at heart but rather their own and killing babies.]

  9. yayyyy  

    wooooooo whitneyyyyy

  10. wonderful  

    I hope they revel in their secret meetings and feel really proud of their undemocratic system. I'm sure they'll make fine University Administrators one day.


    Greatly deserved. Whitney is one of the hardest-working people I know. And Nonsequitur does rock.

  12. wooooooo  


    so proud of her

  13. i serously  

    will have kelly chen's babies any day of the week.

  14. eww

    no. she had sex with rajat once.

  15. whitney is my hot hot sex  

    whitney is my great grandfather

  16. chris elizondo?  

    really esc? really? does he do anything constructive?

  17. Alum08

    To the people who wanted general elections, THIS is a success story for the current way ESC elections are run. The fact that you now have Whitney, someone who was so friggin' dedicated to her school's student life and spirit, as your president next year means a LOT.
    On top of that, you had a strong rival running against her (Gunnar).

    Sure, the board may elect members internally, but that doesn't mean they elect them unfairly. Case in point: this year's VP Student Life, who happens to be a 3-2 STUDENT!

    How's that for fairness? You show you can lead, you'll be elected. Simple as that.

    Congratulations, Whitney. You totally deserved it!!!

  18. Heidi Ahmed  

    Is she related to Adil Ahmed?

  19. eww  

    false. nobody has ever had sex with rajat.

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