QuickSpec: Things You Don’t Want To Do Right Now Edition

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Deal with housing

Pay $2.50 to ride the subway

Think about life after graduation

Prepare for a grim Columbia baseball season just when it was starting to get nice out

Read another Spec columnist complain about Bwog. This week: why does Bwog let everyone write those comment things?

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  1. commenter  

    It's probably worth noting that Spec has both the SEAS class day speaker and the ESC candidates up.

  2. umm

    I have often looked at a comment thread and wondered, “Where am I?” are probably in your room beating your monkey to your own op-ed pieces.

    The majority of comments on teh interwebz are trolls and/or juvenile fights..BIG FUCKING NEWS.

  3. er...

    "Unlike today, when I attended Columbia we did not enjoy the support of a caring and dedicated administration that viewed the College as the focus of the University. Quite the contrary—we were treated almost as a necessary evil, a source of cash or whatever else."


  4. Unlike today?  

    I think you might not know the meaning of the pre-fix "un".

  5. lou gehrig  

    to be fair, cu baseball isn't in for a "grim" season—they played two nationally ranked teams and another pretty good one in cs northridge, a tough task for any ivy school (although brown took two of three from san diego, i think).

    methinks you've oversimplified the point, bwog.

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