SEAS Class Day Speaker Chosen

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In a decision lacking much of the fanfare of the College’s Class Day speaker announcement, SEAS deans chose their own speaker over the weekend: James Albaugh, SEAS M.S. ’74.

Albaugh earned his B.A. in Math and Physics from Willamette University and is now executive vice president of the Boeing Company and chief executive officer of Boeing Integrated Defense Systems. According to his Wikipedia page, he supervises a $30.8 billion budget, and is one of Boeing’s “best paid managers.” See you May 18, Jim!

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  1. SEAS '09  

    Hey, neat. But my Dad is a defense contractor. Now all I'm going to hear through commencement week is how I should go join up with Boeing when I get out of grad school.

    No-compete contracts, iron triangle, mumble mumble...

  2. SEAS Protest

    No Vast Military-Industrial Complex In Mudd!!! Rally the troops SEAS, it's time to protest.

  3. lol  

    Imagine if Obama had been CC's class day speaker, while SEAS was being addressed by a defense contractor. classic.

  4. CC'09  

    I AM SO JEALOUS...not.

  5. parallel

    Maybe the CEO went to SEAS as well, but doesn't want to mention it...

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