Study Breaks Already?

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While many of us have only been back on campus for 24 hours or so, the Asian American Alliance (AAA) and Club Zamana have separately decided the time is already ripe for a study break.

Beleaguered masses, rise from your work spaces and head to the West Ramp Lounge at 7 for the Tamasha Hype study break, featuring free ice cream and T-shirts. Then, stick around for AAA’s study break at the ramp tables from 10-10:30 for free mochi and green tea. The AAA-ers will also be discussing their new “Sex Ed” documentary and are looking for folks willing to be interviewed. Bwog will stick with the mochi for now, thanks.

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  1. Annie  

    AAA will be filming a Sex Ed doc, yes, but more to raise some questions and discussion about whether there's a cultural disparity in what kinds of sex education Asian Americans are getting. It's an issue worth exploring. We'll be asking CU Asian American students to tell us what kinds of things they did/didn't get from their sex education, if that's related to some cultural factors, how that's shaped their views on sex now, and the implications of whatever sex education they had.

    but yeah, in general sex education is a topic I'm sure we've all have messed up stories about haha. so yeah, come out, it won't be horribly personal, more informal, I hope, and really get to the heart of the question: is there an issue worth discussing?

  2. Yay!  

    You rock, Annie!

  3. ...

    Bwog, Harmony Hall, get on it!

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