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Nathan Bailey, Lenny Langenscheidt and John Nordin, (bottom, middle, top of picture respectively) all CC ’12, get a lot of weird looks. 

This is due to the trio’s penchant for free running around campus as the rest of us peacefully walk to class. Free running is essentially the British and American version of Parkour, which is basically running around urban landscapes jumping over things and climbing up walls. Bwog’s official urban acrobatics correspondent Julia Barrington noticed the boys climbing up the walls of Uris a few weeks back, and today the trio took us back to the B-school to show us their moves.

Before scaling the walls of their favorite Uris nook, the boys, in true Three Musketeers style, touted the position pictured at right for its ‘all for one, one for all’ mentality. As they lined up, the gentlemen explained: “if one of us falls, we all get crushed.”

The freshmen have also climbed to the top of the dome of St. John the Divine and explored the science facility being constructed next to Pupin, although they didn’t find much besides hard hats and sawdust. As they leaped over the side of Low up to the top of the steps to survey their kingdom, a young man paused and admired them. “Man, that’s so cool” he sighed, “I wish I could do that. I’m so depressed now.” More photos after the jump.





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  1. well  

    i've free-climbed the outside structure supporting the large outside vent on the rooftop of mudd.

  2. youtube

    i demand a youtube link of these young men

  3. hipsters

    This is actually pretty cool, but didn't a student die a few years back by falling off Pupin?

  4. an old man  

    Bah, these kids nowadays, thinkin' they went and invented everything! I tell you what, back when I was a freshperson, i had to climb all the way to Mudd, uphill both ways.

    If competition was not contrary to the spirit of Parkour, I'd challenge you three to a duel. A timed obstacle course?

  5. a secret admirer  

    you guys is some hotties but pleaaaaaaaseeee be unregretful in your choice of adventures.

  6. plz  


  7. your true secret admirer  

    you guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! im your biggest fan EVER! keep on keeping on!!!! get down with your fly selves!!



  9. heatpack  

    John! When am I gettin that heat pack back, hm?

  10. I'm sorry  

    i need it for my injuries

  11. princess  

    OMG! u guys are super cool, it makes me love u even more!

  12. mmm  

    "langenscheidt" is the best name

  13. julDOG  

    Lenny is my god.

  14. julDOG's god  

    hell YEAH

  15. LOL  

    Yeah, Lenny's pretty hot in his odd German-hipster way. Nice body.

  16. Surfin' UWS  

    Columbia's too hip for me.

    At least it really, really tries to be.

  17. ...  

    what do you get if you eat too many lingonberries?


  18. fuck this shit...  

    i've been climbing shit since '06, no recognition bwog... YOU KNOW WHO I AM JIM DOWNIE

  19. I think  

    That a steady diet of cocaine and PBR has deprived them of nourishment to the point that gravity no longer effects them.

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