Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back

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Bwog extends a warm welcome back to Columbians, all of whom we assume are facing the day with bleary eyes. Whether you were getting schwasted in Mexico like those people at other colleges or furiously applying to internships and trying to read the books you skipped so far this semester, coming back to school isn’t easy. 

The next eight weeks before (eek!) graduation should be action-packed ones. The flowers will bloom, you will write term papers, and you will leave another year of college older, wiser, and probably even more neurotic.

So let’s take a by-the-numbers look ahead at the next few weeks: starting tomorrow, you have 3 days to pass/fail a class, 42 days until the last day of class, 46 days until the first day of finals, 53 days until the last day of finals and summer vacation, except for our dearly beloved class of ’09, which has 58 days until they graduate and become real people. Enjoy the first day back; you may now resume competing for good grades instead of the intensity of your tan line. 

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  1. DHI  

    Trivia: The Welcome Back music video set the world record for most smiling in a rap video.

    Unfortunately I can't find it on youtube, but if anyone can throw it up here.

  2. Gulp...

    So what's the process on becoming a super senior?

  3. 2150  

    oh man it's all coming up so fast. thanks for all the well wishes!

  4. ianc-b  

    thanks for reminding everyone of the ma$e song. it's a gem.

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