Housing Numbers Are Up!

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Take a deep breath and log into your application. Your number is under Registration Summary. All those who wait for Housing to e-mail the alert first are and always will be fools.

But where is the entire list? Knowing everyone else’s business is so cathartic. Never mind! Read it and quite literally weep. The winners have an 8. The losers have 3000, which was thought by many to be merely a myth before this day.

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  1. insider  

    btw...that link is to the entire list.

    prioritized list not working yet.

  2. wondering  

    why is it cathartic?

  3. NOOOO  


  4. SON OF A WHORE!  

    2947 for a junior?!


    I smell WEIN in my future. GOD.

  5. YAY!  


  6. PS:  

    If anyone's interested...

    Housing WINNERS (30/8):
    · Hannah Biddle
    · Kerry O'Donnell

    Housing LOSERS (10/3000):
    · Alejandro Jinich
    · David Mills
    · Eric DeStefano
    · Frances Hardy
    · Keating McKeon
    · Pedro Rodrigues

  7. sophy  

    can sophmores with 380 get furnald singles? or doubles?

  8. CC '09  

    haha... i don't have to deal with columbia housing eeeeever again.

    oh wait, shit, i have to deal with the fact that i am going to be unemployed and without any housing.


  9. ECkids  

    I know 18 and 20 are renovated, but are other floors in EC renovated?

  10. wait ok  

    so say i'm in between 250-500, but i'm a junior. this means that EVERYONE with a point value above 20 chooses before me, right?

    but i'm doing relatively well for a junior?


  11. last year

    the list had full names. what gives, housing? i dont want to have to look up everyones real name to be creepy.

  12. Wien haters  

    I'm a junior who had a reeeeally bad number last year; hence, wien. It's really not that bad, so don't despair my 20/2000 and worse!

  13. Question  

    Do all broadway doubles have bunk beds? Even the big ones?


    • test

      I lived in a Broadway double in which the beds came bunked, but there was sufficient space to unbunk them. My friend lived in the same room (same size) on the floor above, and the beds in her room came unbunked (although they were bunkable if she'd wanted to).


    So, if you're a sophomore, how good should your number be for a chance to get into a Broadway double?

  15. Nobody  

    really likes Broadway doubles—they are kind of small

  16. Soo  

    What's the general point range for a Broadway single?

  17. no silly  

    that's the mesothelioma

  18. Anonymous  

    does anybody know an approximate range of numbers good enough for sophomores to get into furnald?

  19. what  

    kind of numbers leave you in the mcbain shaft???

  20. whats the deal  

    whats the deal with 5 person suites. and is anyone doing projections?


    watch out for the Big Dog

  22. Screw Housing  

    2992 for a senior? WTF?

  23. Broadway!  

    Does anyone know if there are plans to rip the nasty carpeting out of the rest of Broadway this summer? Or if the beds have the wooden riser things?

  24. Seniors

    You should have gone for 6's. 4's and 5's are always a crap shoot, but you're almost assured EC with 6 seniors...

  25. Damn  

    2992? That sucks.

  26. 2964  

    ...I feel empty inside. No pain just...just cold.

  27. screwed

    2992. seriously? what the hell.
    could we even do a senior regroup and snag a 6-person suite? or is that just not possible?

  28. Good Number  


  29. six person senior suites  

    are going to fill up before senior regroup

  30. what?  

    The rising junior who got lottery #1 is going abroad in the fall. fml.

  31. opinions please:  

    Do you think Senior groups who have numbers too shitty to get into the nice suites with all singles will be desperate enough to start taking the EC exclusion suites under the new rule? Because if they do I'm screwed...

  32. Curious  

    Is claremont really that bad?

  33. summer transfer!

    Do it if you got a bad number as a junior. I got out of wien thank god.

  34. My Lottery Number!  


  35. james  

    EC 18/20 are not renovated

  36. help stalk  

    how and where do i look up names from unis? I need to know what people have because I am that guy.

  37. Anonymous  

    does anyone know a good range of numbers that will get someone into furnald???????

    Need answers!!!!!

  38. For the summer transfer

    I got over 2850 and I was transferred to broadway (as a junior, so it was 20/2850). Your number has to be pretty shitty to get moved to a good dorm.

  39. 2562  

    How many senior regroups usually take exclusion suites? If it's more than 4 this year, it looks like my suite gets screwed...

  40. For neat  

    They offer you choices and you can rank the building/room style etc. I think the summer transfer form is online to look at.

  41. Why  

    are there so many people with a 3000 - there are some 30/3000 and 20/3000 in addition to the 10/3000 for a total of 28 people with a lott number of 3000 - and explanations??

  42. Anonymous  

    my lottery number is under under 10/200, is that good enough for furnald or maybe a broadway double?

  43. 20/  

    there's a ton of rising juniors going abroad, including myself, hopefully; i'll transfer my broadway single, and there'll be a bunch more.

  44. Confuseddd  

    Sophomore: Furnald singles or Watt studio doubles (if available)?

    which is better

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