1. now  

    we wait for the weather!

  2. Techtor  

    Wow, they just took those off about an hour ago. Way to go, Bwog. I'm excited.

  3. stfu  

    the fields are still unavailable for use by student groups of any kind.

  4. ...  

    it never ceases to amaze me how precious and revered that lawn is. it's like elvis. if he were alive, he'd probably only come outside of his house ceremonially once a year for a very short visit, and everyone would celebrate and be happy for that period of time, getting used to how wonderful it is to have him around. and then he'd lock himself up for the cold months, because the cold ruins coifs and, often, hip gyrating abilities. but then everyone would appreciate him that much more when he reemerged the next year.

    These are the kinds of hopeful thoughts that surface in the springtime.

  5. i was  

    so happy when i saw them uncovering it this morning. the grass is so green!

  6. music major  

    can someone explain to me how the grass stays so green and thick underneath? does not compute.

  7. Does it really matter...  

    that the lawns are open? Because apparently according to one little sign, we can't officially use them until April 27th.

    Screw the administration. They're just going to replace the grass a few weeks later for graduation anyway.

  8. Just in time  

    They're uncovering the field for the uptick in prospective student visits, since decision letters go out April 1st and HS juniors are probably doing more college visits around this time.

    Days on Campus is also coming up.

  9. but  

    did they remove the winter red sticks?

  10. Admiral Ackbar  

    It's a Tarp!

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