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Plan B’s an abortion, masquerading as birth control?
Not a vitamin for the average infrequently but recently laid college girl?

Written sequel to the movie Goodfellas discovered under ruse cover of history prof’s new book.

Unfortunately, another unlikely goldmine found in Roget’s Thesaurus (all the gossip you could ever want, seriously) is written in invisible ink over the word associations. And no free Ouija board either.

Don’t believe their denial – everyone really wants to go back to simplicity of middle school. Plus, I hear their production of Our Town is complex and stimulating.



  1. lolSalz  

    I think there are legitimate and reasonable moral concerns surrounding abortions, even abortions fairly early in the game, but I think Lauren Salz just pulled a Pope Ratzinger

  2. ...  

    god that salz article was painful.

  3. umm  

    Can someone please retroactively abort Lauren Salz?

  4. lolSalz indeed  

    i am truly embarrassed that the salz article was published in a publication associated with our school. god i hope ivygate doesn't pick this one up...

  5. Salz  

    Obviously you can shout her down if you disagree with her broad stance on abortion (the easiest way is ad hominem attack), but most people aren't addressing the specifics of her argument.

    Deal with the fact that most of America is probably more conservative than you re abortion, and come up with a response besides OMG STUPID

  6. addressing the specifics  

    As someone who has taken plan B knowing full well every minute detail of what it does and does not do, I would say that attaching to the uterus is a huge part of the equation that Salz completely overlooks as it is crucial to sustaining meiosis in a fertilized egg. Many women have probably had fertilized eggs in their bodies before without knowing it and had their period at the expected time because the egg did not attach. Obviously life can be contested at any stage, so if Salz would consider a fertilized egg unable to divide alive, then I will not to contest that - for her - Plan B would constitute an abortion. But it's a slippery slope from there to saying that it's an abortion if a woman doesn't have unprotected sex every time she ovulates. After all, if there's no such thing as the WRONG time to be pregnant or a selfish time to be pregnant, or - I don't know - too many babies - then there's no reason to not turn into baby factories.

  7. Conservatives should  

    be a little bit more consistent if they are so interested in a small government and staying out of one's private life. Care about human life? Then why are they so adamant about not interfering with gun control? Man, if conservatives were really about small government, fiscal responsibility, the free market, self reliance, states' rights, trust in the American people, and general moderation, they'd realize they are assuming ideological and cultural platforms that should not have to do with politics. Republicans are really going to try to regulate a woman's body? I'm not exactly sure why abortion is a conservative issue, and Salz doesn't really link this to anything more broad. But if Republicans in the USA were more concerned with the issues they say they stand for, I might have trouble deciding who I would vote for.

  8. liberal  

    I love killing babies!

  9. Conservative  

    Not all of us want to ban abortion. As a believer in free markets and limited government, I generally take a libertarian position on the issue. Abortion has never been a good thing; it's really more of a necessary evil. But ardent pro-lifers should just come to understand that abortion will NEVER be illegal in this country. People should just accept that last fact and move on; there are far more concerning issues out there than these silly sideshow battles from the culture wars.

    I agree that Lauren Salz is not nearly the most talented writer to articulate a position on abortion, but some of the comments here really are disgusting.

  10. you know what  

    If you want to argue the pro life position in the spec that is totally your call. But you damn well better write a good article or you are going to be torn to shreds. Lauren Salz needs to learn how to write.

  11. alum

    Lauren Salz gives a bad name to all Republicans, especially those at Columbia. She needs to stop moralizing and start focusing on politics because the College Republicans basically no longer exist.

  12. frustration  

    rather than just throw insults at ms. salz, here's my two cents.

    the sperm fertilizing the egg is the easy part of producing a child. the hard part is implantation. you are not pregnant until that embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. there is no way to test for fertilization. pregnancy tests detect the hormone that is released once the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall. if abortion is the termination of a pregnancy, and pregnancy is defined by implantation, then preventing implantation prevents pregnancy and is thus contraception, not abortion. QED.

  13. i don't  

    think the attack is on her Anti-Abortion (I choose to use that term, because I don't believe that any woman is "anti-life") beliefs, at least not for me. My problem with the article is that she presents her argument using scientific language to express an OPINION that isn't necessarily true. She can argue that life begins at conception, which I will not contest, but it is reckless to argue that Plan B is equal to an abortion. Plan B CANNOT terminate an existing pregnancy, therefore it CANNOT be considered an abortion. Plan B DOES NOT destroy the fertilized egg, it merely alters the lining of the uterus so that it cannot implant. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME. Plenty of fertilized eggs pass through the uterus without being implanted. But Salz acts like Plan B is causing the egg to self-destruct or something, which is just absurd. I don't care if you are anti-abortion, but don't make young women feel guilty about "destroying life" when in fact, they are not.

  14. lolsalz  

    salz needs to take a biology course.

  15. Okay  

    How about instead of attacking the overall inconsistencies of the American conservative position, you actually formulate an argument?

    I agree that if the ultimate goal of the conservative agenda is small and uninvolved government, then the pro-life position is not terribly conservative. But that does not make the position wrong. If you think it is, argue that.

    You accuse Lauren of arbitrarily deciding that an embryo is not a human life until implantation, but you fail to actually back up your belief that implantation is what makes that cell a human person.

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