QuickSpec: Unfair Stereotypes Edition

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  1. Eric Holder  

    being sworn in. Video on

  2. Idiotic

    NYU bookstores...really? The Strand is way overpriced and too packed to be enjoyable and I've never understood why people think St. Mark's is so great. It carries the same inventory and ambiance of a Borders.

    I'm a bit of a bibliophile (huge history and non-fiction fan) and I've made it a point to go around to as many bookstores as possible in NYC over the past four years. In my opinion Book Culture (Labyrinth for those you who you, like me, who can't bring yourself to say Book Culture in conversation) is the best bookstore for selection in the city. Their remainders are great and they have the best selection of reputable books in the city. If you've ever spent time in the strand you know they have 20 some odd miles of books because 95% of them are crap (the entire downstairs), most outdated (for non-fiction and social sciences), and all overpriced.

    Don't get me wrong, I love to peruse the store whenever I can, but anyone who would write that about downtown bookstores is a lower classman who has fallen into the trap that nothing good can exist above 100th street in this city.

  3. Lerner 6  

    Capital projects are a no-go at this point. Nothing's going to happen to Lerner 6 until the university budget improves and all the spending restrictions start getting lifted.

  4. alum

    I hate to admit it, but cambridge, ma has a better bookstore scene than any neighborhood in new york, hands down. unfortunately for me, since I'm stuck here, it surpasses new york in nothing else.

    I agree with #2 that book culture is probably the best store in the city - or at least its most unique. where else would one find roberto unger's "politics" - dated, radical socialist tracts - on featured display?

    if one must book-browse downtown, though, mcnally jackson and shakespeare & co. are better choices than st. mark's. and strand is wonderful but overrated - try looking for travel books there.

    • Idiotic p.2

      Agreed on all your points. Cambridge has more good bookstores per square mile than just about anywhere else. Hate to hear you don't like Boston though...always found it a little friendlier than NYC.

      In my opinion you can't beat London for books though. Charing Cross is a bibliophiles crack town. Foyle's is my all time favorite many books...

    • Well

      That doesn't surprise me. New York is losing its status as an intellectual capital and is quickly becoming grounds for fashionistas and those who think they are smart.

      Really leads one to question whether the US has an intellectual capital anymore, but if I had to say it would probably be Boston.

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