Near-Death and Devastation (Slightly) to the East

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Tipsters alerted us to a New York Times report of two automobile accidents on Friday, one of which took place on 106th and Amsterdam. 

According to the Times, “a taxi, apparently rammed from behind by a silver Hyundai, jumped onto a sidewalk” and “slammed into the window of Mama’s Pizzeria.”  Fortunately, the collision caused only minor injuries—to the cab driver and six others—and, when Bwog stopped by to snap a photo, it appeared that Mama’s had, for the most part, bounced right back.  It’s open for business today (though nearly half of the facade is covered in plywood—pictured below the jump) and drawing quite the crowd.


-photos by JPMB

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  1. hey bwog,  

    what happened to culpa?

  2. ...

    i'm glad there was no death but why do you make it sound like there was in the title?

    seems like irresponsible sensationalism to me

    • agreed  

      Seriously, Bwog, not necessary. Just because you want a witty, rhyming, or alliterative title for every post doesn't mean you should make something up that sounds like it could be sort of related and slap it on.

  3. house  

    i thought one of the victims was in critical condition. least, that's what the news last night said.

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