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Irvine R. Levine, style guru, insisted on his bowties and the use of his middle initial during his forty-five years at NBC.

The former Weatherman and 1968 revolutionary Mark Rudd has released his new memoir, but The Wall Street Journal is far from impressed.

An oddly-specific study shows that fast food makes people fat.  For 50%, never fear: aerobics improves male heart health only (sorry, Barnard).

Columbia is making peace with the neighborhood, and UTS is making peace with the earth.

The man is frightened that Wikipedia will mean academic demise.  Revolt, peons – Britannica calls your name.

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  1. Kudos  

    Props to the WSJ for failing to understand the difference between allowing a speaker to come to campus and allowing a program to run on campus. This Ahmadinejad-ROTC analogy is so over-used and idiotic.

    And props to Mark Rudd for 'gym crow', despite the fact that Community Leaders had accepted the gym and also for asking for amnesty for the protesters. I guess this whole aura of the '68 protests really is NYU mythologized.

  2. Anti-1968  

    Good job, WSJ.

  3. Anti-1968 Also

    Yep, WSJ nailed it. Come on, even Susan Jacobs in Death and Life... said that the gym was a promising idea of the NY urban landscape. Of course a bunch of undergrads with dreams of being che knew better than the community. Rudd needs to get back to whatever job he is doing (besides writing) and be happy he isn't in jail.

  4. Anti-1968 but Anti-WSJ  

    Are you kidding me? Listen, I don't support all things Rudd did or stood for, but they got a Manhattan Institute "scholar" to write the review? Sure, let's get someone from a socially conservative yet somehow libertarian "think" tank to write a reliable review of Mark Rudd's memoirs. I would be just as skeptical of any review Rudd wrote of Kanfer.

    Get a Manhattan Institute scholar to write a review of a 1960s leftist radical, and you get ridiculous comments that moderates disagree with yet are hesitant to reject because of the fear of being lumped together with Rudd. Commenter #1 had it right with Kanfer's cliched Ahmadinejad reference.

    Also, Kanfer writes: "Of course, Mr. Rudd was not alone in portraying the U.S. as an imperialist, sexist, racist society led by Caucasian male oppressors -- in a word, "Amerika."" Why the sarcastic tone? You don't have to be a radical leftist to understand that America WAS many of those things. For Christ's sake, segregation laws were still on the books approximately 10 years earlier. The Equal Pay Act had only be passed 5 years earlier!

    You DO NOT need to support Mark Rudd to understand that the WSJ made a poor decision in asking Kanfer to write this piece.

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