This Week in Procrastination: Six Weeks Left

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It’s the final stretch.  Post-break, you might have time for a few distractions.

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Society, Toleration, and the Jews: Ira Katznelson, professor of political science and history, will discuss toleration “as an alternative to persecution.”  Sounds good to us.  6:15 PM @ Low Rotunda.


Brinkley, Foner, and Stiglitz: Capitalism is in crisis.  How will it affect our politics?  Probably the same way every other economic crisis has: protectionism.  7:30 PM @ 309 Havemeyer.

Indian Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati: Interpreting the country’s relatively new constitution in favor of broad human rights.  5:00 PM @ 101 Jerome Greene Hall.


New York City at 400: Representations of the island through time; part of a year-long celebration of a really old city.  7:00 PM @ Deutsches Haus 420 W. 116th St


Free screening of Defiance: Hosted by Ferris Reel.  7:30 @ Roone Cinema.

Unexpectedly Dancing in Boise: A CC senior’s thesis has gone off-broadway.  TRF, 8:00 PM @ The Producer’s Club Theatres, 44th St. between 8th and 9th Ave.


Chowdah: Brand new, sexy material.  9:00 PM @ Wien Lounge.

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  1. defiance

    is based of my friend's grandfather's holocaust experience. Saw an advanced screening at the Palisades, amazing film, not to mention an incredible story.

  2. defiance

    is an incredible and inspiring story, yet an awful movie

  3. Also Monday!  

    Because We Were Slaves: Simon Deng and Modern Day Slavery

    As a child Simon Deng lived in the village of Tonga, a town subjected to frequent invasions by the Sudanese. After he and his family were forced into a refugee camp in Malkal, Simon was abducted by a man who sold him as a slave. He was able to escape his captors and has become an American citizen, working tirelessly as an activist, promoting awareness and lobbying for the end of slavery worldwide. Deng has
    recently embarked on a fact finding mission to Sudan and Darfur, bringing us the most recent report from this inhumane conflict.

    Come hear Simon Deng’s story.
    Monday, March 30, 7:00-8:15 pm
    5th Floor, Hillel Building (606 W. 115th St., between Broadway and Riverside, across from Schapiro)

    Co-sponsored by Columbia/Barnard Hillel Education and Interfaith/Intercultural Committees, The Current, and Columbia University Amnesty International

  4. the climate center launch  

    is tuesday, also. 4-6:30, low rotunda. ted turner, jeff sachs, prezbo, assorted lamont climate bigshots....extremely legit. don't forget to register!

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