Mediocre Free Food Alert

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A hungry Bwog tipster just informed us that Ferris is doling out free french fries at their relatively new burger station. Bwog investigated the french fry situation and noted that, although the portion was generous, the fries did not deliver. Our dejected tipster described them as both “vaguely moist” and, perhaps even worse, “limp”. Our greatest free food hopes, dashed. 

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  1. ugh  

    PLEASE bring back the indian and korean food stations ferris used to have!!

  2. their  

    burgers are relatively famazing for being columbia food

  3. GSer  

    the burger station was fun for awhile, but now the best thing about it is the great guy who staffs it... we just need some more variety!

  4. Food & Sex

    "Vaguely Moist" & "Limp": sounds like the GS Gala on Saturday. *bahDUM-tsch*

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