Meet Your New SGB E-Board

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The SGB has just released the results of tonight’s Town Hall meeting, during which the members of the SGB Executive Board were chosen. Two new groups were also approved: the Saving Mothers Research Team and the Responsible Endowments Coalition. Awaaz did not gain recognition from the SGB. And now, the winners:

Chair: Devora Aharon, CC ’10 (Hillel)

Vice Chair: Lisa Weber, CC ’11 (Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society)

Treasurer: Eugenio Suarez, CC ’11 (UC-CANF)

Secretary: Beezly Kiernan, CC ’11 (Rotaract)


Kanak Gupta, GS (HSO)

Sana Khalid, CC ’11 (MSA, Ahimsa)

Jonah Liben, GS/JTS ’11(Hillel)

Rithu Ramachandran, CC ’12 (HSO, SEBS)

Elissa Verrilli, Barnard ’11 (SEEJ)

Owais Rasool, SEAS ’11 (MSA)

Becky Davies, CC ’10 (CU Food Sustainability Project)

Congratulations, newly christened SGB execs!



  1. !!!  

    Devora's awesome!

    woot woot!

  2. spelling  

    Rotaract, not Rotoract :)

  3. niiiiice!

    that's a stellar sgb board! i've worked with a bunch of them, and they're all committed and responsible people who care about the CU community. the new board should be in real good hands with aharon, too.

  4. yay  

    i love beezly and rotaract!

  5. SGA  

    what about SGA elections?????!!!!

  6. Anonymous  

    Way to go Suarez!!!! Make us proud!!

  7. omg  

    beezly is the best!
    so is rotaract!!!

  8. Kanak  

    is also on the Interfaith Collective

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