Post-Lunchbreak LiveBlogging: Probably Not As Much Happiness

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We return with more up-to-the minute liveblogging of the first day of suite selection from John Jay Lounge. Hold your breath and keep refreshing!


Board as of 4:24 PM 

4:58 PM: EC Exclusion-47, Watt One bedroom doubles-11, Watt studio doubles-51, Woodbridge; A-2, B-6, C-0, D-7, E-5, F-6, G-6, H-0, I-6, J-5, K-0, L-7. Ruggles has 2 five person suites and 3 four person suites, but they come with two RAs (i.e. only groups of 3 and 2 can pick into them, respectively). That’s all folks. 

4:46 PM: 47 EC Exclusion suites are all that’s left.

4:41 PM: Housing employees are cleaning up the refuse of soda cans and candy wrappers. Final count for the day coming soon.

4:32 PM: There is now one EC townhouse with a double left. No EC townhouses left. 

4:26 PM: Now no cokes left. Dejected students keep opening the fridge and walking away even more dejected. Yeah, it’s been a long day.

4:11 PM: 2-3 A’s, 1 C and no K’s in Woodbridge…and three Cokes left in the fridge.

4:01 PM: One guy sums up the feelings of many still waiting to be called: “we’re fucked.” 1 EC townhouse left.

3:51 PM: Only one 4-person Claremont suite left, though Bwog just talked to a four-person group that’s dropping into senior regroup, so there’s still a sliver of hope. 

3:45 PM: Still 6 six-person EC suites, as long as you don’t mind 1 double.

3:30 PM: They’ve run out of diet soda! Nooooooooo…

3:21 PM: Woodbridge: A – 5, B – 7, C -5, D – 7, E – 5, F – 6, G -6 , H – 0, I – 6, K – 1 (L was originally forgotten)

3:14 PM: Housing still hasn’t done a count by line for the board, but they tell Bwog that 4 or 5 have been picked since the last round, that more groups are coming through soon, and that the A line is looking particularly popular. Also, some six-person groups are dropping into senior regroup.

3:06 PM: Groups of six are now debating whether to take the few remaining EC 6-persons that have doubles, and it looks like most will.

2:56 PM: All EC 6-person all-single townhouses are taken. Disappointment is present on many faces in John Jay Lounge. We’ve been waiting for a Woodbridge count before updating with a new pic, and Housing promises one is coming soon.

2:38 PM: EC Exclusion is down to 53, and the 6-person all singles townhouses are down to 6. EC 4-person (with RA) and Hogan 5-person are both gone. Picture to follow.

2:25 PM: The fridge is running low on non-caffeinated beverages! Meanwhile, groups debate TV placement in the suites.

2:17 PM: The “Be the DJ” initiative has led to some odd choices – now on the speakers is “Hot, Hot, Hot” by Buster Poindexter. That feeling does not describe four person groups, though, as some are forced into choosing the Claremont 4-person suites (which include one really small room). Updated housing count is delayed because of counting Woodbridge by lines.

2:00 PM: The iPod has gone silent. Huge crowds around the board and lines snaking around the lounge. All four-person suites are gone except for those in 47 Claremont. Perhaps more importantly, the grape soda is going, and fast.

1:49 PM: Bwog witnesses our first hissy fit of the day: “we’re not going to get any natural light! You realize that, right?” Uh-oh, a harbinger of things to come today? Speaking of uh-oh, a guilty-looking upperclassman just changed the iPod to “Single Ladies”. Board still not updated.

1:33 PM: Our friends at housing are back from an hour of relaxing in their bean bag chairs. Mariah Carey’s “Heartbreaker” (badum ching) is playing from the speakers. Board hasn’t been updated for about 45 minutes. A few groups awaiting their appointments are going for “anywhere EC” — most likely EC highrise.

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  1. Single Lady  

    If You Liked It Then You Should've Put a Ring On It!

  2. wait so...  

    "all four-person suites are gone" does this include the newly added 4-person suites (aka 6-person RA townhouses) in EC?

  3. hmmm  

    what's the website that tells you who is on your floor?

  4. beat the shaft!  

    spec is updating faster than you.
    please don't let them win.

  5. yea...  

    the spec's shaft site is owning right now

  6. tv?  

    Do the watt 2 bedrooms have tvs in the lounges?

  7. Wow...  

    Bwog, seriously step it up. Spec sucks but I'm getting a lot more info from them a lot faster...

  8. Wow...  

    Bwog is slow. The Shaft already reported on Hogan being all gone.

  9. discrepancy  

    so spec says 6-person RA townhouses are gone but bwog says 4-person RA townhouses are gone....which is it???

  10. RA THs  

    are all gone anyways

  11. Bwog  

    I'm my woodbridge going to be there? Hold my hand and tell me it is going to be alright...

  12. 2150

    good luck everyone!!

  13. well

    Bwog used to be my go-to place for this kind of stuff. The Shaft has defeated you.

  14. Spec Staffer  

    GET OFF BWOG. We come to Bwog for the entertainment and quality - not mass produced garbage!

  15. Rachel

    hiiii CU staff and students. Miss you guys!

  16. Maybe  

    Bwog gets their stuff from the Spec and hence is necessarily slower?


  17. SPEC  


  18. this is amazing  

    I love housing selection. This is probably the most cut-throat, no holds-barred, stressful event at Columbia, except exams. Maybe.

    Friendships are tested, alliances are broken, relationships soured, as diplomacy and backstabbing abound.

    Ah, the sweet smell of gaming the fucked up system.

    Thanks, Columbia!

  19. unbelievable  

    My 4-person senior group just determined that our best option was to drop into general selection. Drop into GENERAL SELECTION. As SENIORS. This is the most fucked up thing Columbia has ever done to me, including charging me double for studying abroad. Broadway here I come!

  20. check it

    spec on twitter now!
    they have admit rates and everythin'

  21. Hey Bwog!

    I'm assuming all 3 2 bedroom suites in Woodbridge were taken?

  22. fjdf  

    "Ruggles has 2 five person suites and 3 four person suites, but they come with two RAs. That's all folks."

    what does this even mean?

  23. Yup, it's true:  

    Spec's blog dominated Bwog today. It was much easier to understand and gave students the information they needed.

  24. yay  

    thank you housing gods!
    after 2 years of being shafted!

  25. Weird  

    It's as if Spec knows that Bwog is more popular and realizes that perhaps the best course of action is to SPAM Bwog to get more visitors. Way to go, Spec.

  26. hater  

    i. hate. housing. so much. so much.

  27. indeed  

    here i come, general selection.

  28. hey bwog  

    how about letting us know how many suites decided to regroup (further dashing our hopes for wednesday)?

  29. questions  

    how many groups are going into regroup?

    what was the lotto number of the last group who went?

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