QuickSpec: Movin’ On Up Edition

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Columbians love/can’t afford a nice glass of of Chianti

At last, a Spec column that doesn’t mention Bwog. Except in the headline.

Tomorrow, 21,000 aspiring Columbians get that fated letter from Jessica Marinaccio and find out if they take the step from high school, “the brain’s merry-go-round” to college, the brain’s “Wii”.

From talking about protesting, to actually protesting? No, probably not.

Spec admits to slummin’ it. No east side deluxe apartment nor piece of pie for them!

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  1. informed citizen  

    Bwog, if you are being criticized all the time, it is because you and your comments section are doing things worthy of criticism. Don't do things worthy of criticism, or, in other words, improve, and you won't get ripped on in the Spec all the time.

  2. Love  

    Vino Fino. Great selection, great atmosphere, knowledgeable and friendly staff (it's a family business), and weekly (FREE) wine tastings. It's a great find.

  3. There's  

    A ugrad admissions info session going on in the Boradway Room of Lerner from 12:30-3:00 today.

  4. Bwog

    Has just finally realized that the Spec is an embarrassment of a paper; one of the worst among the top schools. It reads like a high school newspaper. If Spec wants to be respected by Bwog or anyone else for that matter they need to start taking tips from the big boys like Yale Daily News, UNC Daily Tarheel, and UPenn Daily Pennsylvanian (this isn't an exhaustive list, but these are some of the best of the best).

    Let's face it. If there is chatter in the comments section making light of your publication it isn't Bwog's fault: it's the paper's.

  5. i've  

    read my high school's newspaper, and read Spec, and Spec is much, much better. i don't know if that's saying much, but my point is that your comments are unfounded.

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