Sarah Dooley “Discovered” by NYTimes

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The Gray Lady‘s Freakonomics blog included a post this morning about our very own beloved Sarah Dooley. The poster, Ian Ayres predicted: “she is going to make it big. I’m not sure how, but remember you heard it here first.”

False. We actually started praising Dooley’s hilarious YouTube series, AndSarah, about a year ago. Dooley made it to the Freakonomics blog because of her brief mention of the book Freakonomics in her newest episode, now available on YouTube, in which she winks at the camera and dubs it “summer reading”. Making jokes about books is what Columbians were put on this earth to do. Thank you, Sarah.

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  1. Before  

    the typical jaded Bwog commenters come on here and tear her to shreds, I just wanted to say I have a secret friend crush on Sarah Dooley. Yowzah!

    I just wish I knew her better :(

  2. seriously

    sarah dooley is one of the reasons i wake up in the morning

  3. jaded bwog commenter  

    she sucks

  4. you're not the only one  

    this "fame" has totally gone to her head. she's completely cocky in real life.

  5. lkk  

    she looks like a velociraptor

  6. Penis-owner  

    Hi Bwog, admissions numbers are out. Get onto the yearly penis comparing already.

  7. Dooley

    Is very cute. Love her web show, but I'll say it again: she needs her own musical style. Gotta stop copying Regina Spektor's style.

  8. Anonymous

    she's really great. she's got a lot of talent and i hope she sticks with it

  9. I have  

    such a crush on Sarah Dooley. Is she available?

  10. ZOMGS!!  




  11. dear sarah  

    GAHHH I LOVE YOU SARAH. as does the rest of the school.

    your ruggles snuggler.

  12. hmmmm  

    mad props and i think shes funny and talented and all but i think that the new episode wasn't as good as the older ones...

  13. Sarah Dooley  

    is Strong, Beautiful, and one talented son of a bitch. I count myself part of her biggest fans.

    And she was great in Little Shop of Horrors last weekend!

  14. honestly  

    I HAVE met her, and though I don't think she is "stuck up" per se, I think she's pretty insufferably annoying. And I tried to watch one of her videos once but I found it rather boring.

    • Ehhhh

      That's just the theatre crew. For some reason it's humanly impossible for a non-theatre kid to hang out with a theatre kid for more than an hour without losing a bit of his or her sanity.

      I dated a theatre kid one time actually. Hung out with some of her friends and it was honestly like everyone was competing to be the center of attention in this group. Before you guess names just a word of caution I'm an alum and this was three or four years ago.

  15. alumns

    posting on the comments section of bwog about a girl who didn't even go to the school when you were here three or four years ago is ever so slightly pathetic. actually no, it's full on pathetic. as pathetic as your little generalization of "theatre kids" is.

    so really, stop reading bwog, stop resenting theatre kids just because of an ex-girlfriend you had, and go live your life.

    • Idiot

      I'm an alum but I still go here too therefore I still read bwog and I have seen this girl's vids. It's pretty funny though that you think I resent theater kids because of some girlfriend a while back. I'm talking about the giant pack of theater kids who are friends solely with other theater kids and yes they are obnoxious. So, why don't you take your little failed attempt at insulting me and shove it. Just because someone is an alum doesn't mean they aren't somehow connected to the university still (in my case a grad student).

      Now, go forth and live your life also little one. You may live your life resenting people based on affiliations with past relationships, but I resent people based on being self-obsessed prima donnas.

  16. Large intestine  

    Sarah Dooley = NERVOUS BLADDER

  17. no you right

    sarah dooley is totally stuck up. she has this thing where she's nice and interesting and fun to be around.


  18. ...  

    sarah dooley randomly friended me on facebook when she got here. then one day whilst deep in the depths of self-deprecation and self-ostracization, i deleted her. of course, that was the universe's cue to make her "famous" or somehow "important."

  19. ???  

    Yes, Sarah is indeed talented, but I want to hear about SOPHIE RAGIR becoming "discovered"!!! Because girl deserves it. HELLA YEAH.

    Also Bwog, REALLY no Little Shop review? I'm ashamed. And no, I am not part of the cast. Or the theater cult. But the fact that you failed on this front is a tad depressing. Womp womp.

  20. best audrey ever!  

    yea, sarah dooley was the best audrey in little shop of horrors ever. missed the boat on that review, bwog.

  21. @ ??  


  22. ....  

    I feel bad for the girl who filmed it, that dooley's a real limelight stealer.

  23. i love how  

    NOBODY has mentioned that she's Barnard. For all the Barnard-bashing Bwog does, they're certainly proud to claim her as a "columbian" now that she's quasi-famous.


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