Admissions Decisions Are Up and Out

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Admissions decisions are online now! It feels like the Terrible Twelves barely had time to learn how to pronounce ‘Schermerhorn’ before being shunted aside by the newer model, but such is the circle of life. It moves us all.

As the Spec reported, regular-decision acceptances were sent off yesterday with pomp, circumstance, and “a middle-aged man wrapped in a light blue flag.” Welcome, Class of 2013. Oh, the nickname you’re going to get, once we think of one.

Columbia issued polite invitations to some 2,496 high school seniors to make Alma Mater their new boss come September. The overall acceptance rate was 9.82, with a CC acceptance rate of 8.92 (up from last year) and a SEAS rate of 14.42 (down). This year yields, yet again, the lowest admissions rate ever.

Congratulations, and we’ll see you at Days On Campus, looking for that elusive owl.

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  1. So...  

    How long before we here from Stephan's successor?

  2. holy shit  

    SEAS is getting really competitive

  3. Speaking  

    of Schermerhorn, how DO you pronounce it? Like "school" or like "Schapiro"?

  4. I've heard different  

    Are you sure it's not pronounced like "school?" I should probably know this by now...

    Ah ha!

    To be fair, though, anyone who's lived in the LLC's Vall-ah-shh Hall knows how adaptable pronunciation is.

  5. what?  

    haha i'm so confused now. i need definite answers, here!

  6. wait  

    I thought they were already nicknamed the Unlucky 13's?

  7. cunning linguist  


  8. or, everyone wins...  


  9. naw  


    wait, maybe shermerhorn.

  10. it's supposed to be  

    skermerhorn. but that sounds pompous and retarded, like ordering "brusketta" (the proper pronunciation).

    so let's just be normal and say shermerhorn and brushetta

  11. duh bwog

    we just want pics of hot boys.

  12. ED admit

    Waiting sucks, any ideas of what to do in the mean time?

  13. I said it before  

    and I'll say it again... Bwog should conduct a poll to see how most people pronounce "Schermerhorn". Results of the poll will then be the new official pronunciation.

  14. Sometimes  

    I purposely avoid referring to Schermerhorn by name so that I won't have to risk mis-pronouncing it.

  15. well

    Schermerhorn comes from dutch ancestry, where "Sch" is "Sk". For anyone from upstate NY, think "Schenectady".

    Fun Fact: Prof. Alan Blaer pronounces it "Pyoo-peen".

  16. brinkley  

    also says pyoo-peen

  17. Bollinger  

    said Pew-peen for Pupin at a Fireside Chat and there was a noticeable cringe in the crowd.

  18. should I

    Go to Harvard or Columbia?

  19. Alum

    In my four years at Columbia (and in the many since then), I never heard anyone say "Shermerhorn". As others have noted, the name is Dutch and is pronounced "Skermerhorn". That is not an Americanization; it is the correct, original pronunciation.

    Michael I. Pupin (for whom the physics/astronomy building is named) pronounced his name "Pyoo-PEEN", so Prezbo and Blaer are correct. Even so, most people (including me) call the building "PYOO-pin" because that sounds so much more natural in English.

  20. Wrong Place

    for that question.


  21. the mta weighs in  

    when you stop at hoyt-schermerhorn station, the conductors pronounce it Skermerhorn

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