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Welcome back to the Housing 2009 (Your Best Mistake Ever!) LiveBwog! We’ll be keeping you updated on the developments of your housing dreams and nightmares throughout the day, now with our handy-dandy How-Screwed-Are-You? Housing Chart. 

5:08 PM: Housing has put a new count online, though this count does not break down by line/floor. Two notable numbers: only 15 Exclusion suites and 5 Woodbridge doubles left.


Bldg Size Confg Note # Bldg Size Confg Note #
EC EX 5 3S 1D FL18 2
Watt 2 2S 2 BR 0
FL16 6 1D 1 BR 9
FL14 8
1D Std Dbl 51
Rugl 2(4) 4S RA 2
Wdbg 2 HI DMD C   0 3(5) 3S 1D RA 2
H   0 5 3S 1D   4
K   0 6 2S 2D   1
2 MD DMD A   0
8 2S 3D   12
B   1
4S 2D   2
E   3
47C 3 3S   2
F   0
4 4S   0
J   1
5 1D 3S   1
L   0
6 4S 1D   1
2 LO DMD D   7 7 3S 2D   10
G   6 Hogn 4 4S   0
I   6 5 5S   0
Last Update: 3:18 p.m.
2(4) 5S   1

3:50: That’s it then – the all-senior groups have had their turns. Those who weren’t satisfied get to drop into General Selection (times posted on the 9th). Up tomorrow: mixed point groups and the lucky sophomores – 27.5/1249 through 20/1192. A number of the early groups are EC Exclusion suites, and they’ll be hoping the last 18 don’t go too quickly.

3:26:  The last of the groups are selecting, and today’s suffering is winding down.  

3:20:  Housing’s updated the whiteboard, and we’ve updated the How-Screwed-Are-You? table.  (Answer: quite.  “Royally effed in the ass.”)

3:01:  Billy Joel soothes with “River of Dreams,” and the mood seems to be picking up a little.  The crowd waiting in line is also thinning out a little bit.  Also, it’s so hot that the Reese’s cups have gone melty in their glass jar; the soda’s looking very sparse.

2:53:  An eerie silence.  Housing tells us that 36 groups in total are present.

2:48:  Housing tells Bwog that the many of the groups now selecting are groups of two who seem to prefer Woodbridge and Watt.

2:39:  Bwog population estimation experts tell us that there are “about 40 seniors in the room.”  More precise data to follow.  In other news, the fridge is getting dangerously low on soda.

Old updates after the jump. 

2:36:  “It’s one thing to get fucked.  It’s another thing to get double fucked.”  “Did you put our number in there, Mike?  Are you sure it’s in there?” 

2:24:  Now they’re picking the lottery tickets out of the metaphorical fishbowl.  Nailbiting to “Only Wanna Be With You.”

2:16 PM:  Housing has started calling up the lucky (or less unlucky) again to receive lottery tickets.  Bros sitting next to Bwog are rejoicing!

2:07 PM: The room is packed. Everyone is plotting how they’ll attack the slim pickings. 40 Woodbridge doubles and 18 EC exclusion suites was just announced as the official count.

1:47 PM: The afternoon crowd is shuffling in. Things will heat up again in a few minutes.   

1:40 PM: It’s quiet…too quiet.

1:20 PM: Take My Breath Away is playing. I guess it’s a good song to cry to…

12:30 PM: Behold, your exclusion suites. 20th floor-0. 18th floor-3. 16th floor-6. 14th floor-8. 12th floor-0. 10th floor-0. 8th floor-1. Hopefully you didn’t just do a spit take in the middle of lunch. Housing will now break to eat a little something, and produce about a bucket of perspiration per person. It’s damn hot in here.

12:18 PM: “HEARTBREAKER” IS PLAYING. REPEAT: “HEARTBREAKER” IS PLAYING. Mariah Carey is a goddess, and she knows how you feel about housing.

12:07 PM: Housing is promising a board update by 12:30, which is coincidentally around the time they break for lunch. Every group hanging around the waiting area (like a doctor’s waiting room, only sweatier and with a fridge) has its eyes on the exclusion suites right now. According to one satisfied customer, the 16th and 14th floors (ie the ones not renovated) are still mostly up for grabs. Bwog would like to remind its gentle readers that Senior Regroup is at 2:00 pm today, after all the 30-point groups have selected, as always.

11:54 AM: “Are there free drinks?” “What?” “Are those free drinks?” “Free drinks?” “Free drinks?” “Yeah.” “Yaaaay!”

11:34 AM: The breakdown of exclusion suites by floor: 20th floor-2. 18th floor-6. 16th floor-7. 14th floor-8. 12th floor-2. 10th floor-3. 8th floor-5. Before you get all uppity about taking a lower floor, remember that at one time, you had to live in Carman.

11:14 AM: Groups are literally leaping out of their seats when their numbers are called. It’s either because they want their suite, or because “Like A Prayer” is playing. The atmosphere in the lounge is altogether more playful than yesterday (read: more balloons).

11:03 AM: Official update!  43 EC Exclusion Suites remain, and the numbers are dropping fast in Woodbridge too. Housing told us that this may not be a full count of the updates though, so stay tuned!

10:41 AM: EC Exclusion Suite groups have raided the joint! Seems that up until now we had mostly pairs picking into Woodbridge. Here ends that quiet atmosphere – the diet soda is out in force and the crowds are here, so get ready for a devastating drop in the Exclusion Suite population in the next hour or so.

10:28 AM: Someone Bwog doesn’t know is taking pictures with a really nice digital SLR camera, pointing it over the whiteboard to capture, well, maybe a shot for “True Life: I’m Picking Ma Housing.” While she points blind, a couple of bad asses are posing for her pictures. Only one Hogan suite with RA’s left.

10:10 AM: “Two Princes” by Spin Doctors plays, and a nervous pair prays for Woodbridge. Still no white board updates.

9:48 AM: The fridges are stocked, Bwog has been reminded again that “YOU are the DJ!” And there are new balloons… some attached to the backends of housing personnel.  Bwog hears comments like “do they think balloons ameliorate the pain of a 2700?” No updates up on the board yet. 


  1. question

    is there a way to find out what ra's are in the ra rooms

  2. question  

    what does DMD mean? and the HI MD LO.

  3. -->  

    DMD - demand


    Wait... how are there only 33 Exclusion suites left?! There should be like 40 left at this point... unless senior regroup is continuous? Does that make sense? or does it happen at the end of the all the 30's appointments?

  5. HEY BWOG  


  6. Spit take:  

    I read that EC update and spit out my lunch. Hope you're happy, Bwog.

  7. ECX Suites  

    Are getting f'in sniped by non-ECX seniors like no one's business. Anyone who tried to build a group to be safe within the recent cutoffs is screwed.

  8. hahahah they are  

    going to be stuck living in a 165 square foot double, I dont think they relize how small that is as a senior...i deserve my privacy after three years of doubles... off to regroup or drop down and get singles

  9. normally a bwog fan

    the spec housing blog is kicking your ass, bwog, and i'm usually hands down on your side.

  10. Shit Sandwich  

    Since you regroup assholes are fucking me over after I've had to live in a cramped double in EC 1418, I'm going to take a shit in every piece of furniture in this suite.

    Enjoy it.

  11. ????  

    How many seniors groups opted for senior regroup?

  12. truthfully  

    Bwog's coverage has been an epic fail. I dont care what songs they're playing, I want to know the size of those 36 groups announced. The Shaft is doing better coverage. I'm utterly disappointed. Choose better live-bloggers next time bwog!

  13. HELLLLLP  

    Does anyone know if the website where you can see the people on your floor is up this year? I WANT TO KNOW thanks.

    • okay  

      first of all calm down. I think I know what you are talking about and I don't think you can see it unless you do general selection. Last year after my suite selection I couldn't see who was on my floor so I don't think that site exists for suite selection.

  14. hurry the effing up  

    how many suites left, common bwog ask someone something

  15. uhh  

    why does the shaft say general selection starts tomorrow...?

  16. I definitely  

    dont work for spec, but I was extremely pissed off since Im in the ECX selection tomorrow morning and bwog was talking about the f-ing playlist at JJ

  17. False hope blows  

    Oh great, I love how people updating the white board can't count. That ECX difference screwed me over.

  18. If you're  

    in an ECX group but there are no ECX suites left, can you choose anything else at suite selection, or do you automatically fall to general selection.

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