QuickFed: “Spectador” Edition

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The Fed out today for your April Fooling pleasure! Laugh, be merry, and pretend you pulled an awesome prank.

Spectator to close its doors forever due to certain “allegations” and insufficient funds. Bwog’s hoping a casino will replace the Broadway office.

The admissions letter you wish you got.

And the school you wish you went to. You know, some of us really do believe in the moose. You might not be able to see them, but they’re there. 

You really think I need help being awkward? Yeah? Yeah? Well… um…

PrezBo’s journal of despair. Yes, he called you a fornicator. And yeah, you can tell he’s kinda jonesing for an ego boost, but why go to East Prussia to get it?

Emo is the new pink. I mean, whoops. 

Oh, and we are SO META.

– Photo courtesy of The Fed



  1. lastat

    This is a great issue! you guys have really come a long way. Way to go with this one. It looked just like the spec- except way funnier!

  2. don't you mean  

    "its"? C'mon, Bwog!

  3. dang  

    i don't usually like the fed's stuff, but that prezbo piece is brilliant. props to whoever wrote it.

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