Quickhawk: Hawkma Love

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New bird
on the block? Hawkma likes your hair.

If you believe in the possibility of a Mr./Mrs. Hawkma, know that you are not the first to be fascinated by stories of hawk love.

And speaking of Red-tail love, we have more pics of Baby Hawkma!

The hawks in Florida are almost as beautiful as our adored Hawkma! See Hawkmadinebwog’s awesome picture at right.

Hawkmadinejad is now legitimate UWriting exhibit. Could she get any better?



  1. Dreamer  

    Bwog! I'm so glad that you gave us a hawk update today, because I dreamed (nightmared?) about Hawkma and her feathered friends last night. See, I needed to take a rowboat across a foggy ocean and scale the low cliffs of Furnald Island in order to get my bagpipes and bring them home with me for Easter. But! When I got there, the island was on fire and being ruled over by an army of hawks, who perched in trees with the bloody remains of small animals in their beaks-- think of the bunny from Monty Python.

    I'm not kidding, either. It was awesome.

  2. Anyone  

    from Bwog in JJ dining hall a while ago? CU Marching Band tried to do some April Fool's thing that no one understood.

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