1. if you're  

    going to have an april fool's joke, at least make sure its not a dead link.

  2. C'10  

    how is columbia screwing west harlem??? people who say this are clearly ignorant of the facts.

  3. And  

    Gmail now has autopilot. Fantastic.

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  5. Columbia still blamed  

    Actually some people do blame Columbia for the problems at 3333 Broadway.


    The argument is basically: since Columbia is "gentrifying" (i.e.: improving) the neighborhood landlords have begun "renovating vacant units." These nicer apartments fetch higher rents forcing some tenants out, ergo Columbia is evil.

    • Alum

      Those folks believe the owners of 3333 left the Mitchell-Lama program in response to Columbia's plans to build in Manhattanville. Supposedly, the plan is to lure CU-affiliated tenants who can pay more rent. They overlook the facts that (1) most owners opt out of Mitchell-Lama as soon as their commitment to the program ends; and (2) that this is precisely what the owners of 3333 did.

      If 3333 really wanted to replace its tenants with CU people, it would wait until at least some of the Manhattanville campus was up and running. That is still about six years away. It was eight or nine years away when the owners opted out. Stopcolumbia's hypothesis just doesn't jibe with the evidence.

  6. is rudi batzell's  

    article an april fool's joke? could anyone really be that moralizing?

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