More On The TC Hate-Mail

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More on the Teachers College hate mail that was sent on Monday to several TC professors: the New York Post reported last night that four letters were sent, including one with a picture of a noose and addressed to former professor Madonna Constantine.

Three other letters included pictures of swastikas, and were addressed to Jewish professors. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told the Post, “”We are investigating it as a possible bias crime.” (h/t Gothamist)

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  1. but we want  

    more on whether or not the vampire weekend thing was an april fool's joke!

  2. Who gives

    a fuck. So some jackass that read about the original incident online figured that he could mail off some bullshit from his/her home in Phoenix and get the godless liberals all in a tizzy. Just ignore this bullshit. By blogging about it and putting it in a bunch of publications you are giving the fuckstick that did this exactly what they want.

    • no but  

      why TC? Surely CC is a more obvious targets for toying with the liberals?

      • Ehhh

        Well, someone probably saw Constantine playing the race card on national television and became angry enough to send letters. Seeing people play the race card as a last ditch effort to save a job (etc) makes some people (including myself) really incensed. Now what kind of person it makes THAT angry is a good question.

  3. ...

    the only reason why this is halfway interesting is because there's a pretty good chance they were generated from within the institution as part of some freaky power struggle or retribution campaign that has nothing to do with bias or hate.

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