QuickSpec: Housing Lottery Losers Are Not The Only Ones Without A Home

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African Studies at CU is scattered. I guess that fits with the whole Diaspora thing.

A new housing policy is making it harder for the Jewish community to find good homes.

John Jay breakfast isn’t just like home for international students (or anyone, for that matter).

More property issues to our North.



  1. Greedy  

    The Orthodox community needs to really suck it up and stop whining. It is incredible that they need to live in the lap of luxury to accommodate their "needs". Their needs of course being a purely kosher environment. Why should only their religious community get that kind of benefit? Muslim students get singles, find Muslim friends and get doubles/suites, and maintain a purely Halal environment if they choose, even if it's in Claremont or Wien or whatever. Religious Vegetarian students find vegetarian friends to do the same. This is entirely down to a feeling of entitlement that the orthodox Jewish community at this school shares.

    I'm glad you guys have to deal with a fair lottery system, like the rest of us. Don't cry too much about it; we've all lived in dorms that aren't EC.

  2. Why  

    can't they register for Special Interest Housing?

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