Future Chinese Leaders Visit Columbia, Manhattan

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The next Hu Jintao may be on campus right now.

A delegation of China’s top university student body presidents is visiting New York this weekend to wrap up an Ivy Council-sponsored global leadership summit.

Called the All-China Students’ Federation, what makes this group particularly important is its close ties to China’s leadership structure. Members of the ACSF are groomed for top spots in the Chinese Communist Party following graduation, and we mean top spots — both presidents Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao are alumni.

The ACSF delegation has spent the past week visiting charming Boston, historic Providence, and regrettable New Haven. They’ve been meeting with other student groups, business leaders, and politicians along the way.

Today, though, they’ll be touring Manhattan, no doubt having airbrushed T-shirts made, grabbing photos with the Naked Cowboy, and hopefully buying a few souvenir Treasury bills.


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  1. quick!  

    Take incriminating pictures with them to later bring down their governments.

  2. i have to say...  

    It's a good thing that student governments don't usually go on to run the country. I can imagine that we'd be pretty fucked if that's the case -- oh. wait.

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