Housing Live-Blog Day 6: Oy Gevalt

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We return to John Jay Lounge for the penultimate day of suite selection. We’re sick of the candy. You’re sick of the candy. The same songs play over and over. Sophomores don’t understand how to pick rooms. OK, let’s do this. 

Building Size Config Note #
Harmony 2 D 1
Schapiro 2 D WlkTh 18
Wien 2 D WlkTh 8
Nussbaum 2 D WlkTh 0
McBain 2 D WlkTh 0
Broadway 2 D 5
EC 6 2 D 6

Last Updated: 4:53 PM

4:53 PM: Day’s final count! See above. Only one Nussbaum and Harmony double each remain, with a bunch of McBain left. See you tomorrow, unlucky sophomores!

4:45 PM: Only one full double left in Nussbaum with two half doubles.

4:31 PM: Final updates for the day coming soon.

4:08 PM: The last wave of the day is pouring in. The end of Harmony is probably nigh.

3:49 PM: Furnald is gone! No doubles left…

3:36 PM: Shapiro is down from 48 to 33 doubles and 25 to 18 walk-through doubles. 

3:31 PM: BIG drop. Broadway went down from 12 to 5. 

3:17 PM: Major board updates. Six rooms left in Nussbaum. 65 in McBain with 2 half doubles left.

3:05 PM: Three suites taken from Harmony! Oh Snap! A weird mash-up of Billy Jean, Stand By Me and random eighties hits mixed with techno is playing, composed by someone named “DJ Chachi.” It’s like all the songs that has been playing through the housing lottery are replaying at once.     

2:21 PM: The new “sophomore pairup” mechanism has made a big difference, as they are consistently choosing to split up rather than hope for singles. Look for the doubles numbers to tumble, especially for Nussbaum and Schapiro.

1:53 PM: An exchange between first-years: “Where do you want to live?” “A single.” “Really?” “A single…it’s not gonna happen.”

1:45 PM: And we’re back, with the iPod mericfully replaced by somebody practicing on the piano. First-years are urgently discussing the room sizes in the various remaining buildings.

12:43 PM: Board update!  Time for lunch, be back in a jiffy.

12:36 PM: The last two groups before lunch on this rainy day picked into Nussbaum (“We pseudo-cook”) and McBain.  We await a board update and a lounge lockdown.

12:25 PM: McBain still seems to be popular, perhaps because there are still so many rooms to choose from.  A group of future rat killers was going by square-footage alone, saying “the more desirable rooms” in Broadway were all taken.

12:18 PM: There’s No Doubt most groups today will get acceptable housing.  Everyone chilling in the humid Jay lounge seems certain that Wien will not be in their future.

11:45 AM: Finally, a partial board update – six Broadway, two Nussbaum and two Furnald doubles have dropped off the board, but Bwog suspects that many of the groups that have taken doubles have gone for McBain or Schapiro, judging by how few of the other numbers of changed. Housing will update those counts after lunch.

11:38 AM: The board remains unchanged, but Housing has promised us an updated count of the lower-count doubles (Nussbaum, Broadway, EC, Harmony and Wien) before lunch, with Schapiro and McBain counts taking slightly longer. Housing also says that the Harmony and EC numbers haven’t changed.

11:10 AM: And the white board just stares at us, un-updated and cruel. Discussion among sophomores about how big a McBain double has to be for them to pick it over Nussbaum. Energy lags, diet soda chugging continues. 

10:27 AM: Still no board updates. We hear more talk of McBain being snatched up. A 225 square foot Nussbaum double also just taken. 

10:16 AM: Head of Housing Joyce Jackson and some friendly housing employees inform us that that will almost definitely be doubles left over at the end of tomorrow. Jackson projects that there will be fewer doubles left than last year, but still a few for those with the absolute worst numbers, due partly to the fact that a fair amount of doubles still remain in General Selection. A rising sophomore is beat boxing to Jay Z’s “Hard Knock Life”.

10:07 AM: Three “and a half” fourth floor McBain doubles just taken by a group of friends who are putting one friend in a blind double. Apparently a “bunch of wrestlers” just picked into some more big Harmony doubles. Most other groups are just picking into McBain doubles. 

9:57 AM: Woah woah woah! Two Harmony doubles taken! We never thought we’d see the day!

9:45 AM: A pair just picked into a Furnald double, of which 6 now remain. Sophomores seem delighted to be able to fall back asleep in butterfly chairs.

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  1. words to the wise  

    Wien is amoebas on fleas on rats. Avoid it at all costs!

  2. What's going on?  

    you normally post live-bwogs in reverse-chronological order...

    What's with the change?

  3. Oh wow.  

    Bwog, have you seen all the fliers for loveatcu.com? Apparently we actually attend Columbia Junior High . . .


    • I get that.  

      Lots of people (present party included sometimes) are lonely and unhappy here.

      Makes even the gossipy days of high school feel bittersweet.

      I'm not gonna join- I do also find it immature but yeah...I get it.

      • what  

        of course we're all going to join just to snicker at those who do join, but then secretly want to find some kind of love and acceptance on there.

      • i get your get that  

        but wouldn't it make you feel even shittier about yourself that you resorted to such a site?

        Personally, I would rather stay lonely and unhappy than date someone who sent me / I sent an anonymous "crush email".

        • I get to the power 3  

          I don't see why.

          It's the lavalife stigma, right?

          That you didn't meet someone across a concert field or in line at Starbucks but admit to everyone that you were looking and took an easier road.

          If I found my soulmate or whatever I would be ok with that. (It's not like you can use FB, the ultimate student network, to find dates really).

          The only problem here is that it just seems a bit silly for me and you open yourself up to a lot of headaches if your crushes don't respond with interest in you.

          ...And if you know that the person you like is already dating someone it sort of negates the whole thing lol.

          But there were enough people to put up, advertise, and maintain an entire website. That takes a market.

  4. wien advocate  

    Wien is not so bad!

  5. i have a question  

    if these dudes decide to live in a single, does that mean my gen selection lottery number is worse? or do they rejoin the lotterY/

    • they  

      rejoin the lottery.


  6. stupid freshman  

    u were better off getting a big llc single

  7. loveatcu

    at least they are doing something about the sorry state of our campus... i think i have more of a relationship with my econ textbook then anyone else

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