NYU Student Council Gets All CCSC On Us

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Our Purple Friends to the South never seem to learn. This morning, NYULocal reported that the CAS (College of Arts and Sciences) Student Council changed its constitution to require that anyone running for Student Council President would be required to have three full semesters of government involvement under their ultra-hip faded leather belts in order to run. 

NYULocal called the move “baffling” and pointed out that sophomores, juniors and transfer students will never be able to run for Student Council President. The current CAS Student Council President Megan Cruz defended the constitutional change by stating: “this is about ensuring the preservation and continuing success of the Council for the foreseeable future.” Right, that way student councils will always be incestuous.



  1. wait  

    why should i care?

  2. ...  

    this is just as useless as when you post stuff about CCSC, bwog.

  3. psh  

    if this were like CCSC, the entire clear party would be ineligible

  4. What?  

    So apparently, you've given up writing theatre reviews (Little Shop, Endgame, and Eurydice all went unreviewed) so you can keep track of NYU school politics???? Bwog. Reassess.

  5. about the free food  

    can you guys also try to post those a day or at least a few hours in advance? i check this page pretty often and too many times i see a free food event thats posted that started 45 minutes ago

  6. reevaluate  

    i think you mean more like ESC bwog. for CCSC anybody can run.

  7. also

    Could you get more posts by Tao Tan and CML? I'm not sated with their lovable antics.

  8. in other news  

    they changed the flowers in some neighborhood of Brooklyn today because it's the spring. 3 bicycles were stolen downtown, even though they were locked, because the locks were flimsy and thieves are opportunists. A couple heading to wedding over the weekend were late because they had a flat tire, it took them a full hour to get the problem solved.

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