Free Lentils Right Now! Thank Heaven!

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Get yourself to Lerner piano lounge on the double for free hot dogs, cupcakes, baked beans, buns, and lentils, before they disappear. Yeah, you were cheated out of your 40s. Here’s your chance to make up for it, with the bonus pleasure of looking at some fancy student artwork hanging the walls. And the overall nutritional value should be about the same.

If free food revolts your finer capitalist sentiments, Lerner offers another item of intrigue: Ferris Booth’s all-new Columbia Cobb Chicken Salad, which boasts grilled chicken breast, blue cheese crumbles, cranberries, smoky turkey bacon, and fat-free ranch dressing. The Ferris twist on the Cobb salad might be missing a few traditional ingredients, but are you going to complain? Your alternative is baked beans.

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  1. Cliff Cobb  

    My grandfather invented the Cobb salad; I'm a Cobb of Cobb salad fame.

  2. My dad  

    invented Toaster Strudel

  3. Larry  

    I think I am just going to get a Cobb Salad. I'd like to make a few substitutions, if that's okay. I'll get ... no bacon, no eggs, blue cheese on the side.

  4. naive freshman  

    This salad was disgusting. Bleu cheese was in huge, throat-clogging chunks, chicken was dry. Why would I expect anything less of Ferris Booth?

  5. ...

    even the picture looks gross.

    you know, one time i went in ferris booth, and they had a great salad. mixed greens. goat cheese, cranberries, carrots, walnuts, apple, broccoli and a sweet but not too sweet dressing.

    i was thrilled at the idea that i'd found something decent that was quick and close by. then it never appeared again. : (

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