QuickSpec: Adolescent Angst Edition

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SIPA just needs some time alone with its sister departments, okay? God, you’re pushy.

CC promises its budget cuts won’t affect financial aid. This is to make up for all the flashers and thieves Public Safety isn’t telling you about.

We are scarily addicted to coffee, you guys.

Come on in, alumni, we just want to hang out and read magazines with you.

How many ways can you Mean Girls-style hate on the Yankees without ever coming out and saying it?



  1. ...

    or if you just get some sleep, you won't need that much coffee. much healthier (and less expensive).

  2. ....  

    also less possible.

  3. yepp  

    The feeling I get is that Columbia could save a lot on expenses by taking a hard look at admin, particularly the wastefulness I'm sure comes from all the red tape. The drop in endowment is a valid issue, but it certainly seems like the administration has found it easier to raise tuition by single digit percentage points over and over rather than confront its own spending problems. After all, it's not like the rising cost has kept them from filling an incoming class.

  4. Surfin' UWS  

    Damn change that image!

    I don't need that s*hit before a quiz.

    God how frightfully accurate.

  5. art hum  

    I heard Ugolino had a thing for alma mater...pass it on.

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