Quickspec: Stick it to the Man

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If you don’t, he will hold you up at gunpoint in front of Morton one of these days. 

Of course art won’t scandalize the average fallen Wall Streeter. Take him to Hooters if you really want to offend his conservative values. 

College Dems stick it to a secretary in Albany who has no idea what they’re talking about.

Sadly, CQA probably won’t have time to send the Dems a thank you note, what with the emissaries from far away lands they will be entertaining.



  1. disgusted with salz  

    the salz article was, once again, one of the most embarassingly simple minded and reductionist examples of reactionary drivel i have ever read. the stupid objectivist who wrote a column for my high school paper could at least summarize this silly "robin hood" argument in less than five paragraphs.

  2. AC Dem  

    Oh, Bwog, you have no idea just HOW confused that poor secretary was.

  3. wow

    Lauren Salz is offensively bad at writing.

    • Blarghhhh

      That Salz piece was beyond terrible. It should really offend anyone left of uber-conservative.

      Is Salz not aware that taxation and social welfare are one of the foundations of the modern state?

      I'm not going to attack her writing because I think it's a little silly to do so as nobody would make a peep about it if it were a very liberal but poorly written piece. I am offended by her half-baked ideas however.

  4. lolSalz  

    I think Salz must secretly be a Democrat in disguise, trying to really nail conservatism at the college level. There's no other way to explain why she would package legitimate debates on economic (and previously, social) issues into stupid dumbfuck analogies and/or approach them from the most radical view possible.

  5. republican alum

    That article even offends even uber-conservatives. Poor analogy. I miss the days when the Republicans stirred controversy by actually having events.

  6. college conservative  

    Seriously guys...is this really the best we can do? Salz is an OBJECTIVELY poor writer and her columns rarely stimulate any sort of meaningful dialogue. It's embarassing to be associated with her as a conservative on campus. Please find a new columnist, Republicans.

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