General Selection Times Are Up

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Bwog has been alerted that Housing has posted the appointment times for general selection. The times can be accessed in order of UNI and appointment time. The appointment slots run from 9:30 AM on April 15th to just after 5 PM on April 24th. Sincerest condolences to whoever is stuck with 5 PM on the last day.

Best of luck avoiding blind doubles/not getting shafted. Hopefully the roomiest of singles await you. 



  1. Afternoon of the 24th  



    C'mon transfer waitlist!

  2. oh dear

    Why are there so many seniors in general selection?

  3. wondering  

    it seems like there are around 300 seniors in general this year. does anyone know what it is usually?

  4. INFO

    ummm...so there are about 360 seniors in general and 400 people with point values better than 20.00....juniors are going to live where again?
    there are about 705 of them (20.00 juniors) in general selection. there are about 280 people in general with point values less than 20.00.
    --> about 1385 total people in general selection

    rooms still available:
    nussbaum singles: 47
    broadway singles: 300
    bway doubles: 2
    furnald singles: 109
    harmony: 76
    mcbain doubles: 5
    mcbain singles: 53
    river singles: 127
    schapiro doubles: 47
    schapiro singles: 245
    wien singles: 297
    wien doubles: 12 (god bless your souls)
    total occupancy:
    ---> 1386 spaces
    but actually, 100 rooms are held out of lottery for RA's/Riders that have not been accounted for. Not all will be taken (RA Riders in Wien?), but I think 75 rooms gone is the minimum. Also, how much space in Furnald is going to be taken up by the increase in Freshman class size?
    If none are, there are 91 singles actually available for Sophs in Furnald (18 for RA + Riders), but I guess this could end up going anywhere from 41-91 depending on how many Freshman are added in (is there new space accounted for them in the LLC or something?). so yeah, people better hope a lot of study abroad kids are in the lottery, or else it looks like 50+ sophomores Columbia will be housing in Harlem.

    to the rising seniors: I am very, very sorry. go to a better school next time.

    rising juniors: with 400 seniors in general, it looks like it will be much harder for Juniors to get into Broadway/River/good Nussbaum rooms this year.

    rising sophomores: since so many Sophomores used this new regroup thing to get into McBain (it's practically full), it should be easier for Sophs to get singles....in Wein, but still singles. however, some of you will not be living in Columbia undergrad housing at all.

  5. Furnal Cutoff

    looks to be about 440-480.

  6. Furnald Cutoff  

    That's better than last year - my number was in the 280's and I didn't get Furnald because so many people took Furnald singles in suite selection

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