Senior Week: Get Drunk or Die Buying

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Crappy job market be damned! Seniors, it’s time to end your Columbia tenure in (drunken) style. The Senior Week coordinators, who claim to be the “one and only source into the exclusive lives of Columbia University’s seniors,” have their website up and running with tickets to everything currently on sale. Their exclusive access to your lives may be creepy, but it’s still high time to buy their tickets and other senior goodies.

Their frou-frou hobnobbing event at the Columbia Club has already sold out, so it’s only a matter of time before the other events/products sell out too. 

Some of the week’s events are a little less than inspiring. A Saturday brunch in John Jay is depicted as a nostalgia trip, but memories of that dining hall probably have all the charm of a Vietnam War flashback. Anyhow, if you don’t want bad pizza to be the only highlight of Senior Week, get tickets.


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  1. senior  

    what the fuck. how do you RSVP for the columbia club event? i can't find it anywhere on the website. i know it's waitlist only, but someone please tell me anyway....

  2. umm  

    Saturday brunch in "John John"??

  3. Sadia  

    Please stop being so dickish. Senior Week looks amazing, and I'm really excited for it. And yes, I am nostalgic for John Jay brunch (which was amazing, compared to dinner).

    Well done, committee. (And no, I'm not on it, so don't call me out for that.)

  4. ...

    I can't afford the tickets.

    • I can afford the tickets  

      But I agree with #4. They're asking for a lot of money from us, money that we need to pay security deposits on apartments and such.

      I know that it's difficult to throw an undergraduate party with alcohol in Low Rotunda, but I wonder which on-campus options the planning committee considered.

      I don't want to rush to judge, because planning an event of this scale isn't trivial, but I'm not sure that charging $100 a head for a party which can't even fit a majority of my classmates was the best idea.

      I miss Hot Jazz.

  5. dude

    the john jay brunch is going to have jazz and mimosas, as it does every year. Why wouldn't we want to go? Don't be so negative, BWOG!

  6. clearly didn't  

    have your proms in nyc. i paid about $450 for my senior prom in high school, so $140 for everything sounds great. i just wish they had more events, looks like last year there was a six flags trip, etc.

    also feeling a little screwed out of the columbia club thing, you had to have bought your sticker to get on the list--but no one ever explained that.

  7. oh... and  

    can bwog confirm.. i heard the prom was open bar?

  8. open bar  

    hell yes. everything is open bar during senior week - at least i know for sure the off-campus events. i can't speak for sure about the lerner pub because of columbia's strict alcohol policy.

    but yes. go wild! get smashed!

    here's your chance to say "I'm on a boat while on a boat!" (booze cruise)

  9. Just to clarify  

    Senior Week has tried really hard to keep costs as low as possible without sacrificing major events. Senior Ball tickets are the same price as they have been every year (and are insanely subsidized), and the boat cruise is ridiculously cheap for an open bar on the water.

    Everything on campus is open and there will probably be a few other events with free food. Also your senior week sticker gets you discounts for food and other things.

  10. Senior Week 2009  

    There will be an open bar at both Senior Ball and the Boat Cruise. Lerner Pub will as usual be 2 beers an hour.

    There are only 100 boat cruise tickets left, so be sure to get your tickets as quickly as possible!

  11. EAL  

    Damn it, I missed the boat. How can they sell out of tickets in a single day?

  12. might end up selling  

    mine.. depends if many of my friends are coming. if ur interested.

  13. :-(  

    don't want to graduate

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