Free Food: CUFP Film Festival

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Columbia University Film Productions (CUFP) is hosting its own film festival tonight at 8 p.m. in the Roone Arledge Cinema.

Besides the festival offering FREE FOOD, films being screened are the works of Columbia students and staff, including a film by Lili Gu, SEAS ’09.

Now, if that name sounds suspiciously familiar to you, it may be because Gu is also producing the campus’ rival film festival, the 5th Annual Columbia University National Undergraduate Film Festival (CUNUFF). That festival happens tomorrow at 7 p.m., also in the Roone Arledge Cinema.

So has CUFP been infiltrated by CUNUFF? Will there be espionage and intrigue? Will there be Sharks-and-Jets-style snap-dance brawls?

There’s only one way to find out: pick up your tickets to both festivals in the TIC. And get going, it’s almost showtime.

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  1. I thought that

    Lili is '10

  2. i want to  

    want to have sex with lili gu. does this make me a pedophile?

  3. not really  

    just a bit messed up

  4. Yeah  

    She's pretty much the best person I've ever met.

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    Hey Bwog,
    Have you heard of the WKCR Country Festival?? The good people at the station are currently in the process of giving their listeners 72 hours of bumpin' country music programming. Tune in at 89.9 FM on the dial or www.wkcr.org online.

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