QuickSpec: “Step Right Up, Step Right Up!” Edition

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  1. New school kids  

    are occupying a building again...

  2. ....  

    Bwog, I need to know where to store my shit this summer. Tell me.

  3. i heard  

    a rumor that collegeboxes was banned last year... or something...

    • ...  

      Exactly what I mean #4. I see flyers for them all over and as a stupid naive freshman I have a hard time figuring out who Columbia views as legit storage and who is just taking advantage of us. The fact that they apparently spammed our inboxes doesn't help. I just thought they were sanctioned by Columbia. Please Bwog, I can't possibly take all my crap home in two pieces of luggage under 50lbs each. Tell me which storage service won't wear my clothing and/or won't be allowed to come get my stuff in the first place.

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