1. Wow  

    Are people that ignorant that they don't know why a cross would be there on Good Friday?

  2. It's a little creepy.  

    I can't wait until 3 p.m.

  3. you know  

    maybe they should have decorated it with christmas lights.

    (Going to hell, i know)

  4. and  

    of course, they're all asian. typical displays of "christianity."

  5. Anonymous  

    I find the cross stomach-turning, sure. But everyone and their uncle uses Low plaza as a platform for various forms of political, social and religious expression, so why not this?

  6. hey assholes  

    there are a lot of pricks that are uber-christian in this country. there are slso a lot of non-christian/non-religious hypocrites such as yourselves who criticize them yet are just as bad as they are. you're lucky that these guys are attending universities such as Columbia and will change the fuck-ups made by the stone age evangelicals.

  7. Rorschach  

    Damn hippies and liberals. I hate the New School.

  8. some

    people really wouldn't know that this week is easter? come on the christians got east this week and jews have passover. you mean to tell me you don't have any christian or jewish friends at columbia?

    you either are in the library way to much or are an oblivious idiot.

  9. Your Mom

    Newsflash: Recalled CA governor Gray Davis will be the Law School's graduation speaker. Oh dear.

  10. in support

    i give them props. particularly on this campus, displaying proud and deep beliefs in an organized religion usually sets you up to be criticized, mocked, or questioned (e.g. the comments here). despite that, they openly participate and celebrate their faith.

    i respect those that have that conviction no matter what they believe... and can share it without denigrating others.

  11. hey  

    the guy with the fucked up face was playing guitar earlier today

  12. senior  

    yuck! glad i missed it.

    a city room post comparing activism at columbia in '68 with new school's recent occupations...


  13. tolerance

    tyranny of the majority - and in this case, the majority is formed by atheists. so why not let a minority, evangelical christians, express their beliefs and create a dialogue on this super liberal, atheist majority campus?

    • Theater major?  

      Aren't we dramatic?

      There's no tyranny. People observe and comment. Did the guy whose stomach churned go up and throw up on the cross? No.

      He had a view and he posted it.

      Everyone not agreeing with your point of view and forming an undefined consensus on a freaking msg board does not tyranny create.

      Now I know, I know. You're super proud of your intro to sociology class and thats adowable but "tyranny of the majority" is laughable applied here.

      Hell, Christians are the social majority by a freaking WIDE margin (and religion is a macro social issue). Does that automatically make us atheists here the persecuted masses?


  14. alright

    alleged smiting of Egypt? exodus is a historical event and jesus was also a historical person in some form.

    and i know quite well when ramadan takes place. people should know about the culture and religion of others, and demanding that people have some general sense of what other people think and believe is not dickish. the fact that a columbia student would daydream through their education without trying to learn some of that stuff is what is insulting.

  15. done  

    at Columbia, a small white cross displayed by no more than a handful of people generates way too many sarcastic and derisive comments berating others beliefs and viewpoints

    just throwing that out there

  16. ...  

    they can do what they want, but couldn't they have been a bit less obnoxious?

    "you are going to wake up when you're 45 and wonder what you did with your life"

  17. Person up there  

    I'm not commenting to defend the group or to debate freedoms or whatever. We're willing to take whatever ridicule is thrown at us for the sake of what we believe in. I want to clarify why we were actually up there this afternoon. We were not up there to stage a publicity stunt, initiate debate, attract people to our church, or impose our beliefs upon others. We were there only to present what we believe to be true: the life-giving, life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ crucified.

    We're like all of you. We're people searching for meaning in the midst of this broken world. The difference is that we've found hope and life in what we believe, and, not that we're any better (because we're just as sinful and fallen as any non-Christian), we want to share that same hope and joy to this campus as well. We believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came as a man to die for our sins. And, yes, we do believe that he is the only way to heaven.

    The very nature of our faith is not to "internalize" everything that we know, but it's to share it in Christian community and spread it to the nations. What we did today was an act of love, for the Columbia campus, and obedience, to preach the Gospel no matter what the response may be. Anyways, if anybody is curious or has any questions about faith in Christ, you can e-mail at [email protected] .

  18. Hey

    isn't Jesus just a tiny bit presumptuous to go dying for my sins, when I wasn't even to be born for another two thousand years? You'd have to be a really obnoxious bastard to say I'm not just dying for all the sinners before me, but for ALL PEOPLE EVER. That doesn't sound like humble carpenter talk to me.

  19. interesting

    Wow. Go Christians!

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