Columbia’s Musical Heartbreakers Strike Again

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All’s a-twitter for Bacchanal next week and, on an only-vaguely-related note, Columbia musicians (or Columbia-hopeful musicians) are making waves all over the City.

First up: Anthony Da Costa, our charming folksinger prospy is returning tonight to the tiny exposed-brick room that loves him.  The Postcrypt coffeehouse, that is.  Da Costa’s website recommends “coming early and getting a good seat cause they go pretty fast!”  Adorable exclamation point, no?  Aw.  In addition, Da Costa writes that “The Postcrypt,” as he calls it, is “one of my favorite places to play, period…totally chill, unplugged, great atmosphere, intimate concert!”  He’s supposed to start at 10:30, but you heard the man:  go early.

Second on the Bwog musical beat, Reni Lane, CC ’10 (you may have heard her on The L-Word), recently popped up in fashiony-type blog Refinery 29.  Lane attended the Paper Magazine Beautiful People Party last Thursday, and a blogger hung out with her, then mentioned it on those wonderful things, the internets.  Fantastic!

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  1. Reni Lane  

    Do the curtains match the carpet?

    Good grief, I hope not.

  2. amen  

    For all we know, there might not be a carpet

  3. 2010er

    Yo Bwog, more importantly you forgot to mention she's playing a Wednesday night residency at Ella in the East Village all this month.

  4. isn't  

    the author of the Refinery piece also a columbia student?

    • yeah

      fucking lame bwog, having been scrutinized for your dumb website before, and now being called a "blogger." aren't you like, supposed to know every columbia student-related thing within a 10-mile radius?

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