The New School: Peppered With Protest

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 Image via the Boston Massacre Historical Society

The New School is (or was) at it again!  We told you last December of their first attempt at a building takeover and in February of their threats to shut down the entire university, largely over a desire to see current president (and former Nebraska senator) Bob Kerrey resign. Yesterday, dissent (and, apparently, violence) again reared its head at the University. 

In the morning, New School students stormed a 5th Avenue university building and chained themselves inside.  In response, at least 20 NYPD officers appeared in riot gear.  City Room has videos of police behaving in ways that may make you quite uncomfortable.  Those cans they’re shaking?  Yeah, that’s pepper spray, even though police spokesman Paul Browne had earlier claimed that it was “untrue that pepper spray or mace was used in effectuating the arrests.” 

These questionably-rigorous arrests sparked a protest-con-march-on-Kerrey’s-house later last night, which, according to the Times, also met with police opposition.  The NYPD and the New School administration have denied any misconduct, but the New York Civil Liberties Union is, naturally, up in arms.  NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman is quoted in the Times calling the police’s behavior “a violation of civil rights plain and simple.”

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  1. Unbelievable...  

    NYPD should be ashamed of themselves. That was horrendous.

  2. yea, wtf  

    that's not how police should be behaving.

  3. Uh.  

    Not really feeling much sympathy for these morons though.

  4. Ramiro  

    Did you realize that the second guy gets arrested just because he says how dare them and shame on you?? Fuckin' cops.

  5. what is  

    most striking is the difference between the police-released video and the other video by the journalist.

  6. NYC cops  

    People break and enter into a building, meaning they commit a crime where the NYPD has a responsibility to get those protesters out. Yet the dept. still beats the shit out of people that had nothing to do with it and then tries to pull a PR move claiming they were completely benign. Do they not learn? Someone always has a videocamera, and thank god because otherwise it would always be their word against the "violent" protester who was "resisting arrest".

  7. the problem  

    is that Bloomberg gives the NYPD carte blanche to do whatever the fuck they want. There was a time at which Bloomberg actually tried to ban the use of cameras in public places to protect the NYPD! The guy exhibits all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator; at least Chavez held a referendum before he extended term limits.

    Anyway someone really needs to control the fucking NYPD

  8. the next  

    step is to ban photography of the police. then the UK and US will both be fascist dictatorships.


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