Where Have All The Bartenders Gone?

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The CU Bartending Agency doesn’t seem to be running as smoothly as its sister operation across the street.  Gender (and web-design skill) differences aside, the concept is the same, but now a message on CU Bartending’s homepage alerts “Valued Columbia Bartending Agency Clients” that the agency continues to be “unable to respond to new requests for bartenders at this time.” Officially, the reason is “an internal, Columbia University review of the operations of the Agency designed to update Agency policies and procedures” (read the full message after jump).

John Dema, the managing director of CU Bartending, declined to comment to Bwog about the reason for the hiatus or when the agency might return at full strength, suggesting that we could find “the most relevant information” by speaking to administrators at the Career Center.

Still, aspiring Brian Flanagans among you will no doubt be pleased to hear that the Columbia School of Mixology (run in cooperation with the agency) will continue offering classes; unfortunately, both sessions for this semester are already full, but there’s always next year.  In case that BA in Urban Studies isn’t cutting it for you financially. 

Dear Valued Columbia Bartending Agency client,

I am writing to inform you on the current status of the Columbia Bartending Agency. Due to an internal, Columbia University review of the operations of the Agency designed to update Agency policies and procedures, Agency management and the Columbia University Student Enterprise team regret to inform you that we continue to be unable to respond to new requests for bartenders at this time.

The School of Mixology will continue to offer classes to new customers. For details of upcoming Mixology classes please visit the school for the most up to date information.


John Dema

Managing Director

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  1. this  

    has been going on for months. They haven't been taking on jobs since September or October. Why make a big deal of it now?

  2. alternatively  

    there are always summer classes as well!

  3. ex-bartender  

    the agency is fucked up. it took me months to get paychecks, they lose all the forms bartenders have to submit and the process of even getting jobs is fucked too. They seriously need to learn how to function.

  4. i mean

    look at whos running the thing i think it explains a lot on why the agency sucks

  5. i hear...  

    i hear that cu bartending's problem centers around the fact that they allow their students, including those underage ones, to taste the drinks they are mixing themselves. a pretty silly way to reinforce the arbitrary drinking age, but hey.

  6. well...  

    I have dirty fantasies about john being my boss...

  7. yea..  

    he is pretty hot and what happened wasn't his fault. pointing fingers is stupid.

  8. rumor has it  

    the agency was shut down when the bartenders working a (supposedly) private event served underage kids. even though they were told everyone was going to be of age, they're getting busted for not properly checking IDs before serving alcohol.

    if this is true it's complete bullshit. they shouldn't be blamed for the host letting in underage people.

  9. yeah

    whats the deal, i heard hes a lil akward around chicks

  10. wait  

    dema and krebs are fucking. You didn't know?

  11. this

    is ridiculous. they charge us 200 dollars to take the course, and then a few months later, no more jobs?? they should stop offering classes, since you can't get a bartending job in NYC without experience...which i was banking on getting from the Agency. (i'm in it)

  12. tom cruise in cocktail

    we should probably be wondering why it takes an entire school year or more for a Columbia lawyer to write a waiver that all CBA clients must sign at the beginning of a given job detailing their responsibility to assist bartenders identify underage party guests if any are present.

    my experiences with CBA rank among the most interesting I've had in NYC during my four years at Columbia. the loss of the Agency is a huge loss to Columbia.

  13. Barnard Bartender

    More reasons why the Barnard agency continues to be way better - no "paychecks" to wait for. You get paid on the job, which means no "he said, she said" about who worked when.

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