Alcohol to Be Allowed in Common Areas?

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At tonight’s CCSC meeting, VP for Policy Adil Ahmed announced that, after a meeting with Dean Cristen Kromm, alcohol may be allowed in common areas next year. Currently, Columbia does not allow alcohol to be kept anywhere except in an overage student’s room, declaring the common area a “public space” (locks and doors not withstanding).  

Ahmed emphasized that the step “is still a plan,” and that the changes would have to be written into official ResLife guidelines over the summer. If it goes through, the change will be in place by next year, and denizens of EC, Hogan, and other popular senior locales could finally stop pretending that a second door suddenly made their alcohol private. A first step, perhaps, but we doff our caps to the councils. Now let’s work on that whole 40s thing.


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  1. HAA!  


    In our dreams.

  2. cap's still on  

    booze bottle: 1 baby: 0

  3. seriously?  

    i had no idea this was even a rule.

  4. Tomorrow  

    Kromm returns to the other 27 of the 28 days, during which she is PMSing, and hauls in all of CCSC under probation for suggesting the idea.

  5. well  

    adil is always wasted.

  6. Nobler  

    More like MGD 64 weeks.

  7. Angry Black Man  

    Dear Ms. Cromm
    To put it tersely,
    My President is Black
    My color's white and blue
    But I gotta say CU policies suck too.

    Angry Black Man Strugglin' at CU

  8. message for Kromm  


  9. freals

    No good Samaritan policy is dangerous and ridiculous

    The constant fire-alarming in ec is dangerous and ridiculous

    The draconian disciplinary process-which assumes guilt and gives minimal due process-is pathetic, especially considering what we read in CC.

    And on, and on. Just stop sucking the fun from college.

  10. Anonymous  

    that kid is the biggest alcoholic on campus, after the mark johnson-look alike.

  11. Anonymous  

    that kid being adil.

  12. Alum Guy

    Ok, so the stats on the War on Fun might be up, but you guys need to relax. I lived in an EC townhouse with someone underage and we had alcohol in the refrigerator and on top of the cabinets during many "careless cooking" incidents.

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