Bacchanal ’09 Schedule Announced

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Forty years have passed since your parents went to Woodstock and spent the next 39 telling you how awesome it was. Now, Columbia community, it’s your turn! A mini-Woodstock is coming your way beginning your weekend. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for Bacchanal 2009, and by Bacchanal we mean, of course, Woodstocchanal. All the events are free unless indicated otherwise.

Saturday 4/18

Vampire Weekend and Talib Kweli, 3-5 PM on Low Plaza

Monday 4/20— plenty of holiday-themed activities 

Lunchtime Acoustic Concert with Neal Goldberg of Miss Distress, 12-2 PM on Low Plaza

Taste of Morningside Heights, 3:30-5 PM on Low Plaza. $5 charity fee to satisfy munchies

Movie screening of Alice in Wonderland, 8-10 PM on Low Plaza

Full schedule for the week after the jump.

Wednesday 4/22

Lunchtime Acoustic Concert with Oak and Gorski, 12-2 PM on the Sundial

Comedy Show with Comedy Central’s Robert Kelly: 8-9:30 PM in Lerner Party Space

Thursday 4/23

Free stuff and music on the Steps from 12-2 PM

Friday 4/24

Capture the flag, 8-10 PM on Low Plaza

Saturday 4/25

Bacchanal Hippie BBQ, 1-4 PM on Low Plaza

Malama Hawai’i Luau, 4-7 PM on Ancel Plaza between EC and SIPA

Sunday 4/26

Nurse that hangover: Bagels and Beanbags, 12-2 PM on Low Plaza

Postcrypt Folk Festival, 12-6 PM on Ancel Plaza



  1. on 4/20 they're  

    screening Alice in Wonderland? Um.. that's perfect. Can't wait for the stoner hordes.

  2. that's  

    the point. Bacchanal picks these screenings with a wink and a smile every year. Last year on 4/20 they screened Planet Earth.

  3. yesssss  


  4. alice  

    and wonderland?!?!

    bacchanal, i love you

  5. A brief history

    On 420 '06, bacchanal screened half baked
    '07 Harold and kumar
    '08 planet earth (jungles, deep sea, caves)
    '09 Alice in Wonderland

    Is this not a beautiful tradition?

  6. Yay!  

    Thank you, Bacchanal, thank you! Possibly the only campus event that actually brings everyone at Columbia together as a community.

    Please have as few rules as possible for CTF, I want to see people get creative. =)

  7. across 116

    wbar announces gang gang dance to headline wbar-b-q on 4/26

    • Womack  

      Across 116th street
      Pimps tryna catch a woman that's weak
      Across 116th street
      Pushers won't let the junkie go free
      Across 116th street
      Woman tryna catch a trick on the street
      Across 116th street
      You can find it all in the street

  8. holy crap  

    super excited for 4/20. Alice!!!!

    also is the concert open to the public or just CUID peeps?

  9. Alum

    Whats the deal with the concert? can you get onto campus with a columbia ID or do you actually need to pay the $25 to columbia arts for a ticket if you're no longer a student

  10. Bacchanal  

    The event is open to alumni and the gates to campus will be open. Although it advertises CUID only, non CUID holders will be able to access campus.

  11. wat  

    500 internets to whoever chose Alice!

  12. Lucy Alice  

    who's bringing the acid

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