Freedom Takes On Multiple Forms for College Days

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Today marks the start of College Days, a week-long celebration of all that is Columbia spirit and pride, in which we are all united in our collective love for free things. The feature-film related theme of the week is “Admit One”, which strikes us as a bizarrely exclusive title. Regardless, there’s a wealth of free and fun stuff happening this week, all beginning with with the CCSC Town Hall meeting tonight. Exercising your right to free speech is never boring.

The meeting will be held tonight at 8:30 in Earl Hall and all are welcome to “help shape the direction of the council.” There will also be free pizza and a kosher for Passover alternative served. Right after the Town Hall, head to the Sundial free candy, T-shirts and a chance to win tickets to the King’s Ball. Together, our love for free things of all varieties will never die. 

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  1. ALERT

    Something to make us all smile...


  2. wow  

    the tshirts are actually really nice

  3. unable to attend  

    Is there anywhere else we can get t-shirts? :(

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