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A week after the advent of Love at CU, Columbia has been transformed from sexless wasteland to a regular college. A new edition of the C-Spot is out just in time: Now that you’re in the relationship of your dreams, learn how to, you know, do stuff with your significant other. Some gems from this month:

Dating in the world of Orthodox Judaism is a strange and tightly choreographed affair.

You’re married? Me too! Let’s bone. Relevence to Columbia undergrad community unclear.

To put it simply: some women urinate during an orgasm.

“Day 3, 1:45am: Kiss a girl. Oops.”

Plus…a photo montage. Look out for your Butler crush, naked and blindfolded! (Photo via The C-Spot)

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  1. katy perry  

    so you kissed a girl ... but did you like it?

  2. Ugly  

    The people you want to see pose nude are never in the magazine and the people you never want to see nude are there... multiple times. Say no to ugly people posing nude.

  3. what??  

    those girls are really, really hot.

  4. Hillary  

    Wow, C-Spot completely ripped off Daily Intel's weekly Sex Diaries feature. In that fourth article, everything from its introduction to its format to the "totals" listed at the bottom of the article sounds exactly like this: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2009/04/the_art-school_grad_student_wh.html

  5. Shit  

    Jordan's ass is amazing.

  6. the last issue  

    was so beautiful and respectful to nude bodies. this one was grossly slutty and all around sketchy. boo c-spot. i want my classy porn back.

  7. pretty  

    photography! But the poses/people are meh. I mean, they're hot sure, but I have liked the previous issues more. Though props to C-spot for keepin on keeping on.

  8. i love  

    everyone's fake names.

  9. Photo  

    How does the photo next to the Jewish dating article relate to the article?

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