1. Petrov's lousy piece

    Anyone else find it completely bizarre that Petrov thinks only Ivy League students are disingenuous?

  2. Also


    “We don’t want to be known as the bar that has underage drinking, but we do want this to be a fun place for them to come once they are legal”

  3. Every week  

    Phillip Petrov finds some inane thing about Columbia that bothers him enough that he has to write an article about it. Get some perspective man. I'd put money on you transferring out of here if you weren't a senior.

    "In every corner of Ivy League society, one can find a pathological fear of being lied to."

    What a load of bull. Maybe you just need some new friends, per chance?

    • reply to everyone  

      1) spec doesn't let you put in colons and semicolons. It is dumb. It makes their writers look worse than they are.

      2) YOU get some perspective, man. Everyone's column is a complaint about Columbia or a half-baked rant about plan b (actually, that was a complaint, too). I would much rather read Petrov's interesting complaints than some other person's bad complaing.

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