Supermarket You Never Go To Accepts Flex

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Today, the wild world of off-campus Flex throws us another curveball: D’Agostino will accept your Flex dollars! D’Agostino, also known as that supermarket next to Westside on 110th and Broadway, will begin taking Flex in mid-May, conveninently enough when we’ll all be home, not using Flex. 



  1. across  

    Across the street from Westside. Not next to.

  2. also  

    I love the Westside Disco ads.

  3. fox news

    any coverage of a CU prof passing out on fox news today?


    i love how he casually tells Glenn Beck, "I'm passing out." hope he's ok tho!

  4. d'ag  

    is terribly underrated. it has great variety--try it out!

  5. holy shit  

    I totally forgot it existed

  6. CC08

    D'Ag is totally underrated... they have a rewards program so if you use their card you end up getting good coupons and money off your order.

  7. Anonymous  

    When I started my personal boycott of Morton-Williams due to the bad service there, I started going to D'Ags...I only stopped when Westside (which, let's face it has an amazing stock of good stuff) started taking Flex. D'Ags is good as far as big chain supermarkets go --compare it to other NYC venues and you will have to agree. Guess I will give it a second try. Never been disappointed there, although I do enter with lower expectations than I hold for Westside -- one thing in D'Ag's favor: the organization of items makes much sense to me. One thing NOT: they do not stay open 24 hrs.

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