1. The Dink

    YES!!! I'm honored to know these illustrious men!

  2. sad to say  

    there was actually a really short guy with a long gray coat who had one of these, like a REAL one, like a real fucking Dali 'stache.
    saw him at butler once

    so many weirdoes at butler

  3. i think  

    prezbo is hiding massive shoulders of steel.

  4. ...

    for posing in their photo, mr. lee bollinger gets a grade of S for satisfactory citizenship.

    if mr. bollinger aspires to earn the prestigious E for excellent citizenship, he should consider donning one himself next time.

    it's clear that he is performing at a level which is below his apparent ability.

  5. OMJEEZY  


    • ....  

      "Hey dude, I saw your picture posing with Prezbo".

      "Whatever we totally just did that to be ironic."


      Someone needs to tell these guys that they're really not interesting to anyone else. Jesus.

      • I don't get it  

        Why exactly is everyone hating? You were obviously bored enough to go onto bwog, to click on this article, and then to post on it. Also- hipsters? or do they look just like every other Columbia kid or NYC kid.. Like jeans! and shirts! hoodies!

        To me this is just a bit of unadulterated, light-hearted, spontaneous, Columbia fun that happens far too infrequently. Plus, Prez Bo was clearly a good sport (although I agree with above that it would have been way more awesome had he also been wearing a stache.)
        Tirade over. go study.

  6. Prezbo

    Should've been at Glass House Rocks.

  7. maybe  

    i'm not hipster enough?

    but i don't get it.

  8. hmm  

    how do I know the staches weren't photoshopped on?

  9. winston

    is so hot, stache or not

  10. DHI  

    I don't think there's anything hipster about it, they thought it would be funny to wear mustaches and then the university President came by and they thought it would be fun to take a picture with him.

  11. well,  

    winston might be a hipster. edward has a couple points in the hipster category. the one in the hat is canadian, so who knows what he is.

  12. well  

    balding guy in the back is a hipster

  13. prezbo  

    looks like a cutout

  14. Sooo  

    Go kill someone signed bad horse!

  15. TysonB

    I think Edward looks really really good.

  16. MustacheRide  

    I wonder why Prez Bo has not twittered about this yet.

  17. YES  


  18. definition  

    light-hearted, spontaneous fun sort of defines the hipster m.o. like pillow fights on the national mall, dancing people in piccadilly, or watergun fights in union square...i'm not judging it, I'm just calling it what it is

  19. jordan keenen  

    is a god among men. or a man among boyz. or something else that conveys his utter awesomeness

    and to those who are hipster-dropping a) it has a negative connotation & b) trust me when I say that nothing could be further from the truth


  20. rerax.  

    I'm sorry, you don't have to be a hipster to like mustaches. They are universally hilarious when blatantly fake..... actually sometimes they are hilarious when they are real. and the fact that a gaggle of people wearing them in public got prezbo to take a photo with them is HILARIOUS.

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