At ESC, The Tension Is Palpable

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Last night’s ESC meeting was predictably punctured with nervous fidgeting and intense, meaningful stares between candidates in the current election. Bwog’s Specialist in Celebrity Nervous Breakdowns Sean Zimmermann has the scoop on what they discussed through killer tension headaches. 

First order of business – elections have started! Of course everyone knows that, but tell your friends to vote again anyway. Turnout for ESC elections has been historically poor, but that’s nothing a bunch of donuts can’t fix.

In other news, 2011 Class Council is getting a mascot, but they won’t say what it is yet. It’s top secret! The idea is that the mascot will be at all the 2011 class council events, and “people will see it and think 2011 class council.” Whispering ensues.

Dining Revisited: Dining insists that converting Ferris into a second dining hall will not cause quality to drop. Whispering gets louder. Dining adds that as part of this plan, sushi would move into 212, and packaged goods would be removed from Ferris. Dining and student services are both in favor of converting Ferris into a second dining hall, but any change, if made, would not take effect for at least another year. Additionally, President Valeiras said that dining is currently putting together student focus groups to test support for the plan, so nothing has been finalized.

ESC E-Board elections to be more open: starting next year, anyone who wants to run for the executive board will have to collect signatures before they can run. Student running for President will need to collect 100 signatures (minimum 20 per class), while people running for other E-Board positions will need 80 signatures (minimum 15 per class). The council’s discussions will also become public, though the election of board members will stay secret.

Irony: in the thick of the drama, the ESC website is down (and has been for the last two weeks).

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  1. wonderful  

    Thanks ESC; if you keep up your secretive and undemocratic nonsense, how can we expect Nazis like Cristen Kromm and Robert Taylor to be open about Res-Life policy change? It's College student government for god's sake; you're not running an unstable country. Get over yourselves and stop with this self-indulgent secrecy-nonsense. Let SEAS elect their leaders and open all meetings to the public.

  2. dinning  

    dinning i love dinning. i love to dinn.

  3. election

    Turnout has not historically been poor... two years ago it was high:


  4. can't have it both ways

    Either a majority of SEAS students care informed and deeply about their student government and are being denied a vote, or they don't really give a crap. Turnout at past candidate forums suggest the latter, and a video is no substitute for being there in person, as recording equipment has a tendency to fail.

  5. awesome  

    Robert Taylor will be a res-life Nazi no matter what changes occur.

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