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Unfortunately you won’t be able to see him walking a tightrope up in the sky today, but if you’re interested you will have a chance to meet stuntster and artist Philippe Petit tonight at St. John the Divine.

Petit is most famous for his tightrope walks between the towering tips of skyscrapers in the city. His multiple walks on a rope stretched between the tops of the World Trade Center towers in 1974 earned him international fame, and became the subject of a documentary called Man on Wire.

St. John will be showing the documentary tonight at 7 p.m. before opening a question and answer period with Petit himself. It is a benefit screening, so it’s not quite clear whether you have to pay $20, or whether that’s a suggested donation a la Met. But Petit might just be worth the money. Aside from what he calls “artistic crimes” like the tightrope walking, St. John reports that his activities as an Artist in Residence there have included “writing, drawing, close-up magic and street juggling, and the study of lock-picking, French wine, and 18th century timber framing.” He was once also seen bullfighting in Peru – the indisputable mark of a true Renaissance man.

If you can’t scrape together the money, you can find the documentary and Petit’s book of the same title online, or you can wait for what could be a truly once in a lifetime opportunity to see Petit again later this year. Gothamist reports that Petit is planning yet another tightrope walk for sometime this fall. Infinitely better than the movie, and free!

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  1. yeah  

    that movie was awesome

  2. forget the movie  

    that guys is awesome.. wish I had gotten more notice about this. i can't wait to see what he's doing in the fall.

  3. You know  

    I really wanted to like him because I heard his movie was phenomenal (I have yet to see it). But I heard him when he was a guest on the Not My Job segment of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" and he came off as a such a tool. I dunno, maybe it's a French thing. In any case, I still want to see the movie at some point.

  4. I wish  

    ...that Bwog gave me at least a day's notice whenever awesome events like this are going down! I can't be expected to check Bwog every hour to see if anything good is happening later that night.

  5. Joe Smith

    If you liked the film MAN ON WIRE you can see photographs that appeared in the film by Petit's right-hand-man photographer Jim Moore at this new website.
    He also has much more than just these pics on the site! Check it out!

  6. Katie

    Philippe Petit is the nicest person anyone could ever want to meet! I did meet him in Dec. of 1974 and he was polite, and kind. He also has a lot of various tallent. He is not conceated. He does NOT launt the fact that he is the best in the world. And he treats his friends right. He is very down to earth.

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